Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big back Yard and A Peanut Butter Sandwich

This is why we bought this house--You should have heard Maeli squealing, she was so excited to be in her swing. She played (and slept) in there most of the day while Jeremy and I worked in the yard.

The view from the corner of the house.
So my baby loves PB&J! And bananas. Its so funny when I get out the peanut butter she starts whoopin' and hallerin.' Sometimes she'll get in the cupboard and bring the peanut butter to me. The best part though, is every time I put her in her chair with anything to eat-Jeremy just can't believe that she's eating real food and turning into such a big girl.

Getting Settled

Since Maeli has been awake since 5:30 and I have about half an hour before I need to start getting ready for work, I figured it would be a great time to update. Its starting to feel like we actually live here. As long as you don't go in the office, seemingly everything is unpacked. I decided to post the three things I like most about each room, but so far have only taken pictures of the kitchen (since thats the room I just got done cleaning) so here:

1. I have cupboards for everything! Even though this kitchen is actually smaller than the old house, its SO much more user friendly, and very space efficient! I can let my OCD side taker over.

2. The Fridge. This is the first appliance that Jeremy and I have ever bought. We had a really hard time finding a fridge that would fit into the pre-designed fridge hole. But the freezer on the bottom is awesome because Maeli doesn't try to climb into the fridge every time we open it. And the French top doors are great because we don' really have that much clearance so you can still get around the fridge when the doors are open.
3. The Biggest kitchen sink I've ever seen in real life. And the faucet comes out to be a sprayer!
This is how big it really is. I think you could easily bathe two Maelis in there!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Dear Maeli,
I can't believe that we've had you for a whole year already. It seems like we just started getting to know you. You've grown so much so fast. Everyday you learn knew things and you continue to teach me about being a mom. I have loved every minute I've had with you. We have so much fun playing toys in your room and reading books together. I love rocking you and snuggling with you while you sleep. You are so beautiful and so smart, I am so excited to see all the things that you'll learn in the next year. I hope you learn to sleep all night long in your own bed. I love you very much and I am very proud to be your mom. Happy First Birthday my sweet baby.
Love, Mom

We are so grateful to have been given such a wonderful blessing as you. We never could have imagined a more perfect addition to our family. It has been an awesome experience to get to know you and watch you develop into the sweet, beautiful, and smart person that you are now. My greatest wish is that you continue to grow and learn as you have been and remain happy and healthy. Happy first birthday.

Your Daddy

The Birthday Girl-Party #2

Brian and Sheila blessed baby Megan last Sunday, so we used that get-together to celebrate Maeli's birthday with the Brame side of the family. Sheila puts on a great BBQ Maeli got lots of super cute clothes from Chanie and Grandma Terry, and Auntie Sheila. We also get some lettering for her wall from Auntie Cindy & Anutie Sheila--I'll post pictures of that later. We love our little people zoo Grandma Terry--we never knew what a an x-ray fish says --splish splash! Every letter makes a sound E says "e" and "E"-- Thanks Auntie Mavis and Auntie Opie At this point Maeli had chocolate cake figured out. And at the end of the sugar Rush, there was Uncle Brian to snuggle with...what a great birthday party.

The Birthday Girl-Party #1

A new Car seat for our "toddler" sniffle sniffle--what happened to our baby? There are lots of McLain birthdays right around Maeli's so when we were in Oregon last weekend there was an extravaganza! She Loves Pizza! Yeah for Kaitlyn and Scottie and Maeli! Happy Birthday! The Official First Birthday Cupcake. Auntie Amanda got Maeli this Pooh stroller/walker/rider that she just Loves--everything on it makes noise and she's using it to get all over the place! Lots of cutie-pie clothes from Auntie Glenna and family the cutest Night-time Eeyore from Auntie Dannell and the boys--Its sings the sweetest good night song and his blankie lights up. And then some serious fun in the arcade! This girl loves to drive (quarters not necessary)

Hard at work...moslty

Maeli was a big help cleaning cupboards at the old house. I made Gramma do all the hard stuff, but she never complained! You're the best mom ever! Maeli is slowly adjusting to life in a new place, but those first few days were rough! Jeremy is still Honey-doing. Like I said before about all the hard jobs. I had Jeremy take out the sliding doors on the bathtub because (1) I hate trying to bath kids when you can only get to half the tub (2) they get yucky fast and have sharp edges and (3) I love my new curved rod and pretty shower curtain (which I'll have to post later) But there was a ton of old adhesive and crud stuck to the tub, we all took a shift and after about 3 hours of scraping, got it all off thanks to some super toxic-melted the plastic cup we had it in-gunk remover.

A work in Progress

Welcome Home! It looks like a commercial, but that really is our front door! My Honey do list for Jeremy was HUGE! He got to work on an organizer for Maeli's Closet Mission #1--Get rid of those planets on the wall--i have gained a testimony of the handy dandy scraper and of primer. Thanks for all your hard work Gramma Terry! Maeli wanted to help paint so bad! The Color "Christopher Robin's Swing" turned out perfect!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


We'll have pictures and stuff as soon as we get the internet hooked up in Albion. Our new mailing address is: PO Box 577 Albion, WA 99102. We're still unpacking and getting things organzied so I'll post details as soon as I can.