Sunday, May 16, 2010

The best part about a new mower...

The Box!

Just a little off the sides


He did pretty good during the "buzz." I don't think you can really tell we cut it, it just looks better. No more bed head.

Happy Father's Day

Its so easy to know what to get your husband for Father's Day when the lawn mower breaks shortly before you have to start really thinking about it. In order to properly "gift" him, Jeremy got to upgrade to the fancier model vs. the model that was "fine." It is a pretty sweet mower though, super quiet, and last night I was able to start it with Riker in the front pack...I guess that means I'll be mowing on occasion.
Tucker thought it was pretty cool...very manly.

Sweet Riker

My Daddy...


I don't know if it'll work when he watched how the lock works...we'll see.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just hanging out and being cute
Riker survived his first month in the McLain house...a real miracle considering how much Tucker LOVES him. We had to take him in to get his weight checked and he's still under 10 pounds, which is a little lower than what we'd like at this point. Nothing to worry about, but we're going to check it again next week. He is officially too big for Newborn size clothing though...I got to get my first batch of baby stuff together that we should never need again--woo hoo! He's a super sweet baby, and pretty much only cries when he's hungry or being wallered to death by his brother. He usually wakes up twice in the night so he's still sleeping in the living room rather than in with Maeli. He snores pretty loud for such a little dude. Overall we really like him, and have a hard time getting over how stinkin' cute he is--especially in nothing but a diaper.

Hanging out with Grandpa, and tyring to figure out why I won't let go of his arm so he can "love" on Riker
I think Tuck is still adjusting to the missing grandparents he became so used to having around. He really does love Riker and spends a lot of his time trying to just rest his head on top of Rikers. He has been a lot more vocal when he's upset about something, and his recent growth spurt has caused a new wave of "baby-proofing" to sweep the household. He can reach the kitchen counters and the table...heaven help us. He's our big sweet monster boy. Big because he's solid and super strong. Sweet because he has no idea or intention of hurting anyone. The most malicious thing he does is swipe binkys which he always quickly gives back when his target starts to cry. He loves to give kisses, but hasn't realized that you don't have to use teeth to show affection, we're still working on that. He's super busy, but would sit and play for hours if you just followed him around and played his game, or let him sit by you while you played yours...unfortunately, that doesn't happen a lot at our house, so he's forced to entertain himself--hence the monster. We love our Tucker...he's at the stage that makes you truly appreciate nap time.

Dressed up for a party for Daddy's school, and Her first time eating ribs
I heard once that the terrible twos actually start at 18 months...I'd just like to know when they end. Maeli is so sweet, but is definitely "emotional" about life in general. I fear that the drama might just grow exponentially. I think if she didn't view Tucker as her nemesis, she'd be fine, but as long as he's awake, he's doing something wrong. As soon as he's asleep they're best friends and she has a million reasons to wake him up so they can play. She seems pretty indifferent to Riker most of the time...she likes to hold him when it suits her, and she loves to pick out his clothes and jammies, but for the most part she just ignores him. Now "her" babies are in constant need of some kind of attention that she must get to right away and she's often "too busy" to go potty or come eat lunch. She is doing pretty well with the potty training and her "post-baby regression" seems to be coming to an end. She's at a stage where everything out of her mouth is just hysterical and I love when we have time to chat. She references everything with "yesterday" or "tomorrow" but is accurate as far as whats in the past and what is in the future. She's very anxious for her birthday so she can be three and sleep in a big princess bed and have no binkys (Jeremy and I bought her new bedding to soften the no binky rule after her birthday). She is a good helper, and I fear that if she didn't have such a good vocabulary I'd be going bonkers with no one to talk to...she's my saving grace most days.


Me and Jeremy are doing well. I'm pretty much all recovered from surgery and I've started walking with a friend in the mornings when the weather is nice. I'm not totally adjusted to life at home yet, but I think we're starting to get in some kind of groove. I took all 3 kids to Safeway the other day and we survived for almost a full 10 minutes...I thought that was pretty good. We're all missing the extra pair of hands that grandma provided, but it hasn't been as rough as I feared it might have been. Jeremy is a little less busy at work right now, although I don't expect that will last, so he'd been able to be home in time for dinner most days, and its been wonderful to have him home in the evenings. We're trying to figure out our summer plans and making sure we'll have some time to camp and I promised Jeremy he'd get to go fishing at least once this year...its going to be a busy few months, but full of good things. We're heading to Oregon for Memorial Day weekend to bless Riker at church and it'll be fun to show him off to all the sister...we have lots over there. Other than that we're mostly taking things one day at a time. Its busy, but I really do feel like I'm supposed to be home with the kids...although Jeremy said he wouldn't mind trading me--for a day or two. I hope within a year or so I'll be able to have some kind of order to our lives, but I'm not going to stress about it--yet.