Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Little Helper

In addition to unloading DIRTY dished, she also unfolds CLEAN laundry.

A Nice Sunday Bike Ride

We decided to take a family bike ride today as the weather was looking pretty nice, with just a chill in the air. Jeremy got the bikes out of the shed, pumped us up and figured out how to attach the baby-wagon thing.
Maeli played nicely in the car while I ready direction on how to attach the baby-wagon thing. We set out and things were a little colder than we thought they'd be, after 2 miles, we turned around and headed back.
We all got inside just as it started SNOWING!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Maeli said Grandpa...and we love the Easter Dress Grandma.


My Mom and Dad came up for Easter because they have Spring Break this week. We borrowed a game cube and let mom and dad battle it out at Donkey Konga...they were okay, but no match for me and Jeremy.

Maeli's first Easter "bucket"

the Easter bunny brought her jammies and a baby chick.

and we enjoyed ham for dinner, with traditional Brame-fixins. It was so nice to have company, and we're bummer the visit wasn't longer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Falls

We took a little trip North to Post Falls this weekend. I had a massage class that I needed to take, and it was Spring Break for Jeremy, so we needed to get out of Pullman. Jeremy and Maeli had lots of fun at Cabelas, and I had a great time at my class at the American Institute of Clinical Massage. Maeli loved the Pool--well, it was actually the hot tub, the pool was freezing, and the hot tub wasn't all that hot. Our room has 2 beds which meant that MOM GOT A BED ALL TO HERSELF! Thanks Dad! Jeremy and Maeli got to do a lot of bonding. And we ate at Sonic, which was pretty fun.

Two New Teeth

Although she had a REALLY bad time with it, Maeli now has her upper left tooth, and her upper right tooth is SO SO close to cutting through. She sure is a tough little thing. Three and half days of a fever close to 104!

McLain Look-alike Meter

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Friday, March 7, 2008

I Love That Binkie...

...and that one....and that one too!

Almost thinking about walking

Maeli can't get enough of this singing Lion. When we turn the switch so he can't make noise, she just keeps banging on his head (pushing the nose makes the music go). She lights up when the music starts.

9 Months!

Weighing in at 19lbs a intimidating 27"....with a head well over normal size....its....THE BABY!

Give Me A Break!

Its March for crying out loud--this was a few days ago, and its already melted, but last year we got snow in APRIL! Come on SPRING!