Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007


Jeremy and I both got new callings yesterday. He's now one of the gospel principles teachers, and I am on the enrichment committee.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Maeli Vs. Roo--Round One

A Post From Maeli

I've been so busy lately that I thought it would be better if I just blogged myself instead of waiting for mom to do it. She started three times this week and never got it done, so here is a blog from me, Maeli.
I've been learning a lot of new things. I figured out that my hands work for more than just chew toys. If you put them together, you can hang on to stuff! I love to chew on Pooh while I'm in my car seat, and now I can reach him!
I also wore big girl pants the other day--with a real zipper and a real button. They didn't even unbutton by my legs like most of my pants do. I tried to show everyone, but I got in trouble for showing my belly button. Dad says I have to be more modest.
We all went for a walk the other day and I wore my hat from Old Navy, and my hoodie. I thought I was styling and Mom and Dad thought it looked so cute.

After hours and hours of practice, I finally figured out what you're supposed to do with a binky. I'm not as good as Olivia yet, but I'm working on it.
I haven't pooped on Dad's church clothes in three weeks! But I have slept on them a lot.
I've been practicing sitting up. If I get positioned just right, I can hold myself up for almost 10 seconds! I think that's pretty good.
I'm getting so big! Look at my huge feet!
I love my fingers the most. I growl when I forget where I put them.
I'll be walking before you know it! (Dad is holding me up from behind)


To Do:
Scrub the floor
Paint Window Trim
Put Up Window Trim
Put Up Curtains

We also moved stuff around in the office/Maeli's room and ended up getting rid of half of the big desk. Now there's a lot more room in there, although you can't really tell when its not clean, but trust me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Dan and Connie came to visit for labor day and we put them right to work. Jeremy and Dan did all kinds of projects, and Connie watched Maeli so that I could start painting the kitchen. We're not quite done, and we still have to do the walls, but I got a lot done on the cabinets. It lightened things up quite a bit.


Half Way Done

I had only seen it done on Trading Spaces, but I tried Spray Painting my ugly dishwasher and it looks awesome! I used appliance paint and three coats later I had a brand new beautiful dishwasher.

Maeli had chores for labor day too.