Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're having a Tucker!

According to the Ultrasound tech, she "thinks its a boy." She was very non-commintal, which I understand when nature can go either way, so we're just going to go with it and assume she's right. I couldn't really tell any of the parts she was showing me anyway. Jeremy is stoked, although he maintains he's just excited that its healthy and has 2 of everything its supposed to. We'll try to get the pictures on, but the scanner isn't working so I don't know when that will happen. He was turned in towards me, so the tech had a really hard time getting any good photos. He did wave at us though.

Today could be the day...stay tuned

We're trying not to get our hopes up because as this appointment with Maeli she was too modest to let us know anything...but we'll make an attempt today at 3:30

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Morning Kisses!

Wouldn't this make your day?

The Pumpkin Patch at WSU

While we were at the Pumpkin Dash (see below) my friend Tarah called to see if we wanted to go to the pumpkin patch with her and her kids. Since we were in pumpkin mode already we figured it'd be a good idea. I'd never been up to the orchards at WSU, but they had face painting and tractor rides and all kinds of veggies to buy. And of course...pumpkins.
Waiting for our trip on the hay ride pulled by a tractor... Guess the weight of this pumpkin and you could take it home! How are you supposed to pick? they wall look the same! Can you see me now? Dad explains the basic principles of choosing the right pumpkin...roundness, symmetry, carving surface, and stability I think we found a winner!

Pumkpin Dash

Our community had this 1K pumpkin Dash which my work helped organize, so we decided to participate in the "racer with stroller" division (They also had a 5K run--but that just didn't sound fun). We all got up and met at the park at 9:00 to get registered. Jeremy and I got t-shirts (Maeli did too, but her's was very big) and our racer numbers. This is before the race started:En route: Jeremy ran ahead to take pictures. Everyone who saw us made a comment about our "cute little pumpkin." Thanks for the outfit Grandma Terry, Maeli makes a great jack-o-latern. SHe kept rocking back and forth trying to get me to go faster--she loved the down-hill parts. At the finish line: Every kid who raced got to pick out a pumpkin at the end. Maeli was really cold, so Jeremy helped her pick out her prize. I was very satisfied with my placement (which they didn't keep track of after 1st and 2nd). We finished, and I beat the lady in high-heeled sandals. At one point Jeremy even told me I was doing great after I huffed it up a gravel hill--not the easiest task with a stroller.Enjoying some victory hot-cocoa by the heaterTotally Pooped--Obviously Maeli got her work-out