Friday, April 27, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I thought some people might want to read some of the recent news articles about some of the projects I have been working on. I have been meaning to post the one on my senior design project for some time. This project has been different than most since I am both the customer (since I work at Schweitzer) and the student. The author of the article contacted me a few months back about doing an article on some of my work at SEL. My work at SEL was confidential but my boss thought it would be a good idea for him to do an article on my group's senior design project. I wrote the author an overview on the project. So when you see quotes that say "SEL says..." that is really me speaking. The same magazine (Automation World) should be doing an article on another project that I have been working on so stay tuned.

Senior Design Project

This next article came out this past week. It is about a Chinese Club that I recently started on campus.

Chinese Culture Club

Happy Reading!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

T-Minus One Month, and counting

Officially one month from tomorrow...although she's welcome anytime after May 8th (Jeremy will be done with finals and Maeli will be full term). Her kicks are getting stronger and she must have dropped at least a little because for the past few days I've really enjoyed being able to breath. At the next appointment (next Wednesday) we do the strep B test and check to see where we're at with things. We've got one more baby shower this coming Saturday, although I can't really think of anything else we need, at least not right away, but its nice to have so many people excited for us.

Jeremy is really anxious, just tonight he was talking about snuggling a girl in each arm pretty soon. I'm getting anxious too because as soon as I can lay on my belly I'm getting a massage! We're signed up to pre-register at the hospital so we won't have to worry about paper work when the big day arrives. I can't imagine trying to remember what year I had tonsils out while in labor. I'm really excited about our hospital, everything I've heard has been positive, and I think they'll help to make it a great experience.

We're getting into crunch time with finals and all that. WSU is out next week and my last day there will be that Friday. U of I is a week later, but all of Jeremy's finals are on that Monday, so he'll be done soon too. The just one more semester of Undergrad! WooHoo. He's found so many new interests this semester, its making Grad school a harder choice, but we're pretty sure we're going for a masters, its just a question of which program/specialty Jeremy wants to be part of. I'm so proud of him. He's worked so hard and I know that having all these new family responsibilities has made life so much harder. But he's been to every doctor's appointment with me, we only missed one baby class (and that was my decision) and he hasn't complained once about how grumpy I am as a pregnant lady. I figured out that women have to carry the babies because we'd never put up with men if they went as crazy as we do during pregnancy. And only once has my darling husband commented on my size...and it was true, I really was "bigger today than yesterday."

The weather has turned beautiful and we even went on a bike ride. Four-slow but still prideful- miles eight months pregnant...I'm pretty pumped with pride. Pretty soon we'll put the garden in and it'll really be spring!

Caught 'em; Cleaned 'em; Cooked 'em

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beautiful Weather

Our beautiful weather did not last long. This is what we came home to on Tuesday after work. Yuck! I know that it’ll be a matter of weeks before I’m complaining about the heat, but seriously…its April. What is going on!
I realized today that we totally missed taking a picture on the actual 8 month mark. So this is the 33 1⁄2 week mark photo. I think it looks like I have a basketball stuck up my shirt, Jeremy says that really is what I look like, not just in the picture. How much bigger can she get in 6 1⁄2 weeks? If anyone wants to join the pool of when she’ll be born its time to get in. It’s a dollar per guess. Winner take all. I have a gut feeling that I’ll have to be induced, that’s all I’m saying. Official due date remains May 27th.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lets See...

Wow! Its been a long time since I’ve blogged, and a lot has been going on, I’m just a slacker. Lets see…

Jeremy had a great time visiting his sister in Utah. I’ll try to get him to blog about it, but he’s getting busier and busier. Although I was wishing horribly that I would’ve gone with him when he left, sitting in the tiny plane from Lewiston to Salt Lake does not sound fun right now. He enjoyed getting to go to Conference in the Conference center, and some of our friends here took me in, so we both had a good weekend. He made it back safe and sound despite a little truck trouble at the airport.

It snowed here on Monday, but we’ve had beautiful weather since then, so I’m dealing with it. We had our last “monthly” appointment on Wednesday and all is well. Maeli is head down and the doctor assumes that she’ll stay that way until party time. We got to palpate her head through my belly which was kind of fun. Now we can keep track of which way she’s laying. She didn’t seem to like us poking around on her though; she was pretty mean to me for a few days after that. But all is well and going as planned. 7 weeks left…can’t wait. For the rest of the month we see the Doctor every 2 weeks, and then switch to every week.

We were so excited when Dannell and the boys made it here on Thursday. It was so fun to have company, and the weather cooperated so we could go to the park and play. Trevor and Jeremy got to ride bikes, and we all played an amazing game of horseshoes. Girls against boys and I’m proud to say that Dannell and I wasted them. I wasn’t very good about taking pictures while they were here, but I did get a few. I liked the one of Tyler sideways better than right side up, so I left it. The only one I have of Dannell has my really messy kitchen in it too, so I’m not posting that, but she was really here too. We had so much fun; we hardly ever get to spend any one on one time with anyone. It seems like trips to Oregon are always crammed full of tiny visits with everyone. It was great to have a longer visit, and we hope they had a great time and will come see us again soon. And our door is always open to any one else that misses us.

Our Easter was good. We had to make a great effort to be on time to church this morning (I don’t know why its still hard, even at 11:00, but we’re always cutting it too close) because Jeremy was asked to stand in on blessing a baby. Our friends, the Johnson’s, have a cute little guy named Caden who promised to teach Maeli his secret to sleeping for 4 hours at a time. They’re really great people, and Jeremy was really excited to get to be part of such a special event. We even got invited to the family dinner after church, so we got real Easter dinner without having to cook it. I love it!

Our next few weeks are crammed full of meetings and stuff as we try desperately to survive the last 4 weeks of the semester. Jeremy is ready for summer break and a change of pace and I’m really ready for him to have a few less things to stress about. And we’re both getting pretty anxious to meet our daughter.