Sunday, June 28, 2009

The McLain Girls!


Out Summer projects are coming along nicely...The Carport is really looking like a "big house" as Maeli calls it. Jeremy has been working hard on it everyday and is hoping to make a lot of progress with Scott up here to help next weekend. I'm so looking forward to it being done so we can move all our storage stuff out there and figure out our backyard projects. Plus it'll be nice to have my husband back.

And Maeli and I have been faithful water-ers and our grass is going great! The new grass is much greener and fuller than the old grass...I'm hoping they'll kind of even out be the end of the summer. And this is how Maeli smiles for the camera.


I totally forgot to post these...
This is Tucker and Baby Roy a few weeks ago in Tri-Cities. You can tell they're already trying to wrestle with each other, kicking, picking noses...oh the fun they'll have in a year or so...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Happy Little 4 month Old

He has his appointment next week, so then I'll know how big he is and everything. But he's doing great, growing like crazy, and pretty much happy all the time.

You Know That Monkey...

who dies because he won't let go of the banana? This is Maeli with the Chocolate Chips.

Father's Day

First, We Make Dad's Favorite Breakfast...
It's all about presentation, right?

Presents! Maeli made Dad a special picture frame and put her picture in it, and Tucker made Jeremy a mouse pad with his foot prints on it. Then, they both got him a new fun tie.

And then we all had Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie for breakfast.
The rest of Father's Day was pretty much a normal Sunday I think, but Jeremy said it was the best one yet.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maeli Went To the Circus

She was so excited to see the "Daddy Lion" that she made big "Roars" when he came out. The 3 tigers were so funny when they would run and jump through the fire ring. She was worried because the fire was hot, but the tigers were okay.

Dad took Maeli to ride on the pony while Mom fed Tucker. She was very excited about it until she got on. After a few moments she wanted off. Once she was off and knew that you could survive a pony ride she REALLY wanted back on.
Dad came home from work early so that we could all go to the circus together. It was so fun to have some family time.

Maeli's favorite part was when the elephants come out. Her arm turned into a trunk and she trumpeted to let them know she was there. The did a lot of tricks and Maeli clapped for all of them. "Yeah elephant!"

We also saw bears riding bikes, and girls swinging way up high. We got to eat popcorn and most of Dad's hot dog. We lost a binkie under the bleachers, and Tucker slept through all of the show, but it was a really fun day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time Flies

We've lived in our house for a year!
Last Summer:

This Summer:

Isn't This The Sweetest Picture?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Smiles From Our Happy Guy

Backyard Birthday Highlights

In no particular order...

The First Morning With No Bottle...

So while Tucker was in the NICU, Maeli got totally back into the whole bottle thing...worse than ever. She NEEDED milk in a BOTTLE all the time. We gave in because (1) we were too tired to argue (2) it comforted her when we were at the hospital and made life much easier for Grandma and (3) it didn't seem like a big deal. However, I was determined that when she turned 2, we would be done. I warned her all week that there were no more bottles on Friday because she was going to be a big 2 year old. Friday was met with total disbelief.

The Birthday Boy

Jeremy turned 27 on May 27th! My parents, His parents, and me all chipped in to get him a new motorcycle jacket. He also bought new motorcycle gloves with some other birthday money he had. I think he's looking pretty hot if I do say so myself...