Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend Wedding

We rushed to Oregon on Friday afternoon so that we could be there for my little sister's wedding on Saturday morning. Chanie wanted to include all her special little girls so she had a ton of flower girls. I was really busy trying to keep Maeli from eating her flowers, and Jeremy was filming the event, but we did manage to get a few pictures:

Mr & Mrs Scott and Chanie Brownlow

Maeli & Megan-the youngest of the special girls. The big girls actually walked down the aisle, Maeli chickened out and Megan's job was so just look cute in the pictures. Maeli thought it was pretty cool though that everyone was in polka-dots.
Not a great picture, but you can kind of see what the bigger girls' dresses looked like. Super cute.
Practicing the flower throwing. She had it down while we were waiting for the ceremony, but by the time things got started she was tired or trying to stay clean. She did throw her flowers though, but from the bench.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Maeli figured out the candy thing VERY quickly. Our trunk or treat was planned to be inside this year because everyone was freezing last year. We went around the hallway at church where people had decorated doors and were handing out candy. Our little butterfly was pretty cute.And I came across this picture when I was uploading things, I think I'm about Maeli's Age, with my Daddy on Halloween.

Disneyland-in a not so little nut shell

Oh my gosh! We had such a great time. My doctor gave me permission to ride anything I felt okay about as long as it didn't have a lap belt that pressed on my belly, and wasn't to jerky. Jeremy test rode a few things I was iffy on, and I feel like a got an almost-full experience out of the deal (how could it be full without Indiana Jones!?) It took Maeli a little while to warm up to things, she's not much into change. But once she figured out that we were having fun, she was totally game. She loved the Carousels and swimming at the hotel. We had a great time with my family although we all missed my sister Wendy. It was just so great to get away from Pullman for a while, especially since we really won't get to have another vacation until after Tucker joins the family. Here are a bunch of pictures from Disneyland, California Adventure and Knotts Berry Farm. We'd be happy to tell you stories later, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Why we love cousins oh so much! Thanks for all your help Hayden and Kennedy!

Knotts Berry Farm: The highlight--My brother getting stuck in the swings

Brian and Jeremy on the Silver Bullet.
Sheila, Hayden and me on the Perilous Plunge.

And another ride on the "horse"

Maeli was always so excited to see the characters, but really never wanted to get very close. Luckily, her Daddy was very brave so we could get some pictures.

Dumbo was probably Maeli's Favorite "ride." But I think that's because she recognized it as an elephant, one of her favorite noises to make.

Maeli did so good on the airplane. The only time our flight was full was from Las Vegas to Spokane, and she slept THE ENTIRE TIME! The people in front of us said they didn't even know there was a baby back there.