Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Big Update

Since I've been yelled at from half way around the world about our lack of new information, I thought I better take a sec to post while my family is still sleeping. May has turned out to be a very crazy month. Maeli had the flu for a good stint early on, and we had some news that one of Jeremy's brother-in-laws had passed away. So between the funeral, the flu, family, and finals, Jeremy was a busy guy. Finals went well though, although now that I think about it, I don't think he's even looked to see what his grades are...Anyway...We also went to the coast for National Scrapbook day, where I massage all the scrap bookin' ladies. It was fun to get to see some of the gals I only see twice a year, and my two favorite Aunts from my mom's side. I even got to do a little scrap booking this time. As always at the end of the semester we had to say good bye to some close friends who graduated and moved away to be real grown-ups. The Mickelsens were some of the first friends that we made here in Pullman. We love them like family and we'll miss them so much!

So this weekend is the first that we've stayed in Pullman for a while. We're supposed to close on the house in Albion on Monday, so yesterday we devoted ourselves to projects. Jeremy and I headed to Lewiston and bought a fridge for the new house, had some lunch at Shari's (which he got to pick because he beat me at bowling Friday night), and then hit Costco. A million thanks to my friend Ami for taking Maeli so she wouldn't have to ride in the non-AC pick up. (we hit 90 degrees yesterday, but don't worry mom, the new house has central air). Picked up Maeli then Jeremy his the roof to de-winterize the swamp cooler and i mowed the lawn. We discovered Maeli loves grass as long as its not stick to her fingers (she says "ew") but she hated the lawn mower--can't blame her there, I hate it too.

So this week we get to paint and clean the new house, and then start moving things in! Yeah! Well, Maeli is up and its time to start the Sunday Morning Routine. I'll try to do better, but this week will be crazy!.

Orange Julius

Our most recent family outing. Maeli has learned to drink with a straw. It helps to be motivated.