Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catch Up

Well, I've decided to post some photos, even though it seems none of our projects are completely finished. Jeremy is home tonight working on stuff, so I need to take advantage of the lap top being available. Here is the bathroom. I kept waiting until it was clean, but I never think about taking pictures while I'm in cleaning mode.

And the Baby's room is coming along nicley. Looking at it now, I think the color is a lot like my parent's family room. Its called rosemary. I can't wait until we're able to get the bedding and everything and have it being all cute and waiting for our little bean to arive.

And speaking of being cute, I was trying to figure out who I hope the baby looks like. We're both pretty cute.

I posted before that Jeremy had felt the baby kick. He's still pretty fascinated every time it happens, but this is a picture from when it first happened.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

25 Weeks

This isn't actually our baby, we haven't had a second ultrasound. But we thought it was cool to see what the baby looks like right now. Take a look . Things are going good. The Baby's room looks great, when we get the trim around the window we'll post a picture. Boise was worth the trip and loads of fun. We'll write more when we get the pictures downloaded from the camera.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


We had another Doctor's appointment yesterday. All is well. The heartbeat was a little lower than normal, but it was a different time of day than we usually go in. Dr. Hall was very non-committed about a second ultrasound, so right now, things are still a surprise; but a healthy surprise. He gave me the orange sugar stuff I have to drink for the diabetes test next month. I hear its gross.

Jeremy and I had a chance to go hear Martin Luther King III speak at U of I last night. He spoke about "Realizing the Dream" of his father, and the things we can all do to promote non-violent solutions. It was pretty interesting, and definitely inspiring to try and get involved in more productive solutions. Its nice to hear someone who truly believes that all people deserve to have the same opportunities in life. He has some wonderful thoughts and ideas, and although I didn't agree with all of his opinions, it was a great speech. I thought it was really fun: when he got to quoting his Dad's speeches you could easily hear the Southern accent, and the religious background. He sounds a lot like the recordings I've heard of Martin Luther King, Jr. He made a lot of good points in reference to the war in Iraq, as well as the educational system in the US. It was a good experience. We had to leave before the question/answer session was over because I couldn't sit on the benches anymore, but Jeremy and I were both glad that we chose to attend. Probably a once in life time opportunity.

Jeremy is off to Boise this weekend to participate in a Coding conference. Cross your fingers for perfect driving conditions! He's going with a few of the other computer guys that he knows, and it sounds like they're going to have a great time. He gave me permission to do a little "While you were out" project in the "nursery." (I didn't want to just surprise him since the other half of the nursery is his office and in the middle of a semester things are a little crazy). I've been searching for inspiration to make it cuter with projects that I can handle without a husband's supervision. And I have to make sure I can have everything cleaned up by the time he gets home on Sunday. That's the tricky part. I just can't stand the thought of bringing our baby home to brown paneling.