Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Father's Blessing

Jeremy blessed Tucker while we were in Oregon. Which, in our church, adds Tucker Patrick McLain's name to our church records, and gives Jeremy an opportunity to ask for special blessings for Tucker from our Heavenly Father. Jeremy gave a beautiful blessing, and we were lucky to have lots of friends and family there with us for Tucker's special day.

Meeting Some New Family

Tucker finally got to make the trip to Oregon and meet some more family. I didn't take pictures of everyone that we saw, but these ones turned out well:
Aunt Amanda Auntie Mavis
Uncle Scott
Pretty Aunt Mary


I'm not sure which cousin did the stickers, but Maeli thinks "Cousins" are the ones who do everything that may end up getting her in trouble...even though we don't have anymore cousins playing with us, they're still getting blamed for different messes.Our newest cousin, Baby Roy, who is a boy even though he's on pink in the picture.Some of the Brame-side cousins, Hayden and KennedyPlaying with Chaddlee at Aunt Amanda's houseTrinnaty likes Baby Tucker

Summer Projects:

Good Bye Shed

Hello Car Port

Props to Ben who came to our rescue when Jeremy hurt his back and the Truss guy was coming.
I got out the non-maternity clothes and discovered that I have A TON of super cute skinny girl clothes from before that is my project this summer.
And we're trying to grow grass where our lawn died over the winter.


Jeremy's sister, Dannell, and her 2 boys and our new friend Chris came to spend a weekend with us a while back. Tyler is a great chess player and made it into the big tournament in Spokane. He did great, and it was so fun to get to go and be with him. We're at least 6 1/2 hours away for most of the things our niece's and nephew's do, so this was great! And it is always so fun to get to spend some time with family, especially when there isn't a whole lot all at once (like when we head to Oregon) Here is some of the fun we had:

By the end of the weekend, Jeremy and Tyler had each won one.
Maeli just LOVED Trevor!

Potty Training

So Maeli just loves sitting on her potty...and she's more than proud of herself when something actually "happens" while on the potty...the problem is she's not always willing to sit, she seems to have linked the potty with getting to take off her diaper. She'll hang out pant-less in the bathroom all day if I let her, but actually sitting on the potty is her way of making sure I don't put the diaper back on yet. More often than not though, she is productive in her efforts, and she doesn't mind cleaning up after herself, so we'll keep with it.

Does Tucker Look Like Maeli?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Popcorn Poppin'

So the other night I was sewing at the kitchen table, and I heard Maeli singing the "Wheels on the bus." I decided to grab the camera and get a video of her because she's so super cute when she sings. By the time I got there she had moved on to "Popcorn Popping." If you listen closely, she does do the whole song...but the end is the cutest part. On side note, Jeremy is building a car port next week and had been outside doing some prep-work, which is why Maeli had been standing on the stool watching him out the window---honestly, she wasn't banished to the corner or anything like that.