Sunday, September 27, 2009


Pretty self-explanatory, but they're just so cute!


Ingredients from our garden.
Our new canning system
The finished product!
The taste test.
The results
Its actually really good, I just thought that was a funny picture. Jeremy ate a whole jar in one sitting...which actually might not make it cost effective to make our own, but it was a fun thing to do together.

Grandpa Leo

We stopped in Ione on our way home from the Fair to see Jeremy's Grandpa Leo. He had never met Tucker, and Jeremy's uncle loaned us a chain saw for a project at our house. Grandpa seemed to be in good spirits and was moving around very well. It was a nice visit.

Oregon State Fair

For our Labor Day weekend adventure, we were invited to go to the Oregon State Fair with some of Jeremy's family. We started off by heading to Vancouver to spend the night with Glenna, Jeremy's sister, and her family. Maeli loved cousin Kaitlyn's room.
Tucker had an ear infection and had all kinds of the yuckies, but he still thought Grandpa Dan was pretty fun.
First step: Fair food--ice cream! Tucker was feeling pretty yucky at this point.
We were all excited to partake of the fair food.
Jeremy got hypnotized, as did Glenna, and was totally out and snuggling with his new best friend. The guy didn't make him do anything too crazy, but he did a nice "Lord of the Dance" and "The twist."
Maeli wasn't tall enough to ride on any of the rides, but she did win a (stuffed) snake!
We convinced the guy at this ride to let Maeli try even though she was actually too short. You had to climb a rope latter and then cross a little bridge to a slide that spit you out into a ball pit.
She struggled in the ball pit, but Glenna risked life and limb (literally--she slipped on the way out and hurt her knee) to save our sweet girl.
Kaitlyn got to participate in the little circus, she was a great little lion.
We all really loved the clowns!
More ice cream!
And we're pooped!
All of us!


Someone taught this girl about dunking Oreos in milk, but failed in teaching her to leave the milk in the cup.

I love my Moose!

Thanks Aunt Wendy, I'm just now getting great use out of my Christmas present, but I REALLY love it!