Friday, September 30, 2011

The Clark County Fair

Tucker was so excited to get to drive!
And then he got to fly with "the big boy cousins!"
We got to try a fried snickers bar, deep fried oreos, and a fried twinkie!Tuck and I got some quality time at the Monster Truck show. He loved the smaller trucks and cars that "drove into the dirt and the mud" the huge monsters trucks were super exciting, but a bit on the loud side for him.
Tyler and I rode the sling shot! Awesome! The deal was I got to puke and he got to scream like a girl, but we switched it up a little once we were up there.

Miss Maeli and Kaitlyn had lots of fun together!
And its not a trip to the fair until you eat, and Riker LOVED frozen strawberry lemonade!

Later in the trip we got to play with my sister's Roy...we played hard on vacation!

I Remember!

Tucking Maeli in last night:

Maeli, "Tell me the story about when I was born."
Mom, "...And you just didn't want to come out of my tummy"
"I remember! I didn't want to come out because it was snuggly and warm"
Mom, "Well, you didn't want to come out, and the medicine to help you come out wasn't really working."
Maeli, "Mom, you know what you should have done?"
"You should have showed me some jewels and bracelets and then I would have come right out!"

~A Short Time Later~

Mom, "So when you were all cleaned up, the nurse gave you to Daddy and he brought you over to me-"
Maeli, "I remember! And the kisses you gave me were so, so, SO, sweet, and I thought, 'this is the only family I ever want to be in!"

Friday, September 16, 2011

2 cuties!

The Maeli photo is from last summer, but I just noticed that she DOES look a little bit like me. I just wanted some proof known to the world.