Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Trip, as told from Maeli's Seat...9 photos of 115


The kids and I headed off to Oregon to help take care of Grandma Terry--who fell down the stars and broke one ankle and sprained the other really badly.  Turns out we weren't really very helpful, luckily my in-laws live very close to my parents and took the kids a lot so that I could actually get some things done for my mom. 
We did have some fun in Grandpa's hot tub though
And I got my mom's upstairs bathroom amazingly clean...of course, she can't go upstairs for quite some time, but I'm super proud of her tile!
While we were there my Great-Grandma Opal died.  She was 101, so although it wasn't really a surprise, it was kind of sudden, which I guess is good.  Jeremy was out in Oregon helping his Dad with some projects, so we were both able to go to the funeral.  Because Grandma was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and therefore was to be burried in clothing one would wear in the Temple; I was given the honor of helping to dress her for burial.  It was an interesting experience, and although I'm not sure what I expected, it was nothing like I anticipated.  I'm greatful that I had the chance to say good bye in such a humble way.  There was a mix up with some of the clothing that had been selected, so Grandma Opal was burried in my Temple Dress, in exchange I kept the little suitcase that she had used to carry her temple clothes in.  I feel like in addition to being family, that she and I are linked in a special eternal way now.  She was a great lady, full of fun and life and even in her last years she was able to remember pretty much everything that was going on with everyone.  We gave our daughter the name of Maeli Opal because of my Grandma Opal and the kind and gentle woman that she was.  I look forward to the day when the two of them will get to really know each other. 

I also stole her desk before anyone else could claim it!

Odds and Ends

My "Better After" Chair I redid for my mom--we call it the "a little too happy" chair,  and I totally LOVE IT!
The kids and I had a living room camp out while Jeremy was at a Scout Training over-nighter.  They really liked watching the fireplace as we went to sleep.
Maeli has been passing all her pre-school knowledge on to Tucker.  Here they're practicing sitting in your chair during story time.  Tucker might need to go potty...
My sweet husband finished the ribbon holder he started for me at Christmas.  I showed him one that I wanted off etsy and told me what it would cost to make one compared to what they were selling it for.  I think mine turned out even cuter and I love the paper on the back panel. 

Big Day!

All set for Kindergarten Registration!


My Baby turned two! Here's a bit about Riker:
He loves Lightening McQueen with a passion!  If he knew what it was, he'd a tattoo of him across his chest, but this will do for know.  Also, he still hates pants.  
He loves Maeli, not quite as much as McQueen, but she's very high on the list!
All Super heroes are "Batman" and all Batmans are "to the rescue" (as in Buzz Lightyear to the rescue) He loves super heroes because Tucker loves super heroes and Riker wants to do, be, say, and love whatever his brother does.
We were in Oregon for his birthday, so he actually got to have a party with cousins and everything!  He loved the attention.
He got a ton of new cars...AWESOME!
He is fearless, especially if his brother will do it, Riker will be right behind!
He is my most destructive child.  He's not just bust, he actually destroys as he goes.  He loves pulling things off of shelves and throwing things, dumping things, and jumping off of things.  Shown here, first he pulled out some shoes, then he climbed on top of the shoe thing so he could jump off.  Luckily, the coats thwarted his efforts long enough for me to save him from a broken neck. 
His favorite thing in the whole world:  Daddy!  We call him at work daily so Riker can say "Hi Daddy!  Six.  Love you.  Bye Daddy"

What to do when Dad gets out the Nerf Guns...

 Take cover in any way shape or form....Riker prefers to hide in a tub with a basket on top to protect his head...brilliant boy!