Wednesday, October 31, 2007

100 Things about Jeremy

1. He is the baby in his family
2. He has 5 older sisters
3. He really does "get" women because of it
4. His Dad is his best friend
5. They go on a hike every year
6. He prefers to hike without "the girls" (that would be me)
7. Movies, unless a classic or technically accurate, are meant to be seen only once.
8. He hates "chick" flicks, but love stories are okay
9. Notting Hill is a love story
10. We met at Youth Conference at Camp Wilkerson when we were 16
11. I was his first kiss
12. He proposed at Camp Wilkerson when were were 22
13. The first time he told me he wanted to marry me, he had a different girlfriend
14. I made him break up with her
15. He picked me because I don't yell, and he wants kids with curly hair.
16. His first kid is bald
17. He's the one who decided it was time to have a baby
18. He cried when he found out I was going to have to have a C-section
19. He doesn't like to talk about crying.
20. When I cry he hugs me tight
21. When Maeli cries he hugs her tight too.
22. He wants to protect all the women in his life.
23. Star Trek--thats all I'm saying
24. He makes up words to songs when he doesn't know how they go
25. It drives him crazy when I tell him the real words
26. When we sing, we take turns doing back-up for each other
27. He likes to shop at good will, and the Eddie Bauer outlet
28. He still wears clothes that he's had since before I met him
29. He constantly adds things to his list of "to do's"
30. When his list gets too long, he has trouble doing anything
31. 2 things he'll always eat: Tostinos pizza & Hamburger helper
32. 1 thing he'll never eat: Cottage Cheese
33. He would love to have a personal chef
34. Nothing ever "sounds good" for dinner
35. On December 8th he'll have his BS in Computer Science
36. He wants another degree or two or three
37. He has a whole list of stuff to buy when he's out of school
38. He is the smartest guy I know
39. He does not consider himself a geek
40. He loves riding his motorcycle
41. Geeks don't ride motorcycles
42. He reads technical books aloud in order to tune me out.
43. He finds me very distracting
44. He hates having neighbors and wants to live in the middle of the woods
45. In a house that he built
46. If I'm good, I can live there too
47. He only likes to play games that he's good at
48. He's good at dice and rummy
49. He hates to look silly in front of his peers
50. I love it when he lets himself get silly
51. He loves to go fly fishing
52. He loves getting massages
53. He rarely gets to do either
54. He didn't know about cheese and crackers until we got married
55. He hates having extra pillows on the bed
56. We have 5 pillows, he uses one, I use one
57. He hates things that are just for "decoration"
58. He lets me decorate however I want
59. He complimented me on how organized I keep things
60. He can never find what he's looking for
61. When he's really tired he'll talk in his sleep
62. It takes him hours to fall asleep at night
63. It bothers him when I fall asleep while he's talking to me
64. If he's awake, he'll get up with Maeli in the night
65. If he's asleep, he can't hear her
66. He once syphened gas in order to come visit me
67. He's not romantic like that anymore
68. He likes to go grocery shopping with me
69. He believes in paper, not plastic
70. More than once, he has helped me scrapbook and make cards
71. He secretly likes to use my little craft hammer
72. He puts milk on his chocolate cake, like in a bowl, with milk on it
73. He eats butter on saltines
74. He has a set of rules about using the laptop
75. He breaks these rules a lot, but reminds me of them every time I touch it
76. He does not like buying treats at gas stations
77. He'll let me get treats if I drive or he's hungry
78. He used to have a baby cow named cinnamon
79. He ate cinnamon
80. His baby sheep froze to death
81. He doesn't like the idea of pets
82. There is only one kind of pencil he'll write with
83. He hates to use pens
84. He beams when he holds a sleeping baby
85. Anytime he holds a baby, his goal is to put them to sleep
86. He loves all babies, but mostly his
87. To celebrate having a baby, he bought me an iMac
88. Sometimes he lets me use the iMac
89. Apple computers and Chinese are the 2 things he could go on and on about
90. He usually smells his socks when he takes them off
91. If they smell really bad, he wants me to smell them
92. He's most creative between 9pm and 3am
93. He's never broken a bone
94. He likes soft elbows
95. We say things at the exact same time a lot...when this happens, he always looks at me like I know too much
96. He prefers fancy ice cream
97. He can go a whole day without eating anything, come home, and find nothing to eat
98. If we were rich he'd eat out every day
99. He could go for months on Snickers and Dr. Pepper
100. When I got to 50 he told me I could keep going, I don't think he thought I'd go to 100. He edited 4 and made me take out 1. I love you Jeremy!

Food Glorious Food!


The Scoop

I know its been a while since I posted, but we've had the flu at our house. Maeli got it first, and then Jeremy and I both got a little mini-flu. It was so sad to watch Maeli be sick and not be able to let her drink sprite and watch movies on the couch. She wanted to sleep so bad, but she didn't want to be alone, so she hung out with us and fell asleep on the couch a few times, it was so pathetic.

Happy Halloween

Our friends Heidi and Justin had a Halloween party and invited Maeli. Heidi claimed it was just so the kids could wear their costumes more than once, but she went all out with decorations, food, activities for the kids, and even a spider's egg piƱata. The kids had so much fun, although it was obvious we should have dressed Maeli as a princess to blend in with the big girls. The purple Princess are all from one family--our friends the Mickelsens and Jeniel made all their costumes---go super mom! And Maeli's "special friend", Caden, was a fitting they were both bug-type creatures. We didn't let her eat candy, but she had a lot of fun eating her Halloween bag.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Maeli Vs. Dad--Round one

I'm sorry that its so dark, our living room doesn't have very good light, but its the sound thats the best part anyway.

Pictures For Grandma

She chews on everything now...and she's found her thumb, but we're trying to discourage sucking.

Lately she's been all of the sudden sleeping, when just a moment ago she was playing...weird.

Daddy's little pumpkin--practice sitting, and the the real thing. Thanks for the shirt Opie.

Halloween Cookies

So one of the ladies in my ward is having her third baby the end of November and is trying to finish school and work up before her C-section on 11/29. She's been watching Maeli from 10-2:00 so I can work more and Jeremy can get some school stuff done, and then I watch her kids from 2-5 while she's on campus. We're 2 weeks into it and things seem to be working well...most of the time. I have decided though, I'm not cut out for dare care. don't mind the other kids at all, but it takes a special person to do day care I think. The little boy will be 2 in January, and the girl will be 4 in February. While Carson was "taking a rest" (he doesn't like naps), we girls decided to make some pumpkin cookies. It was a lot of fun, although they reall don't taste that good. We all had fun.

For the record, Maeli didn't eat a cookie. She was in her chair on the table and when I wasn't looking she reached one of the finished products and got some frosting on her fingers which then went straight to her mouth...she liked it though.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mama Protector

So the other night Jeremy and I were wrestling in the living room and Maeli was laying on the floor near us. We were growling and acting tough and she was laughing away, but as soon as Jeremy started to win and I started on defence Maeli started crying. A new cry that we haven't heard before, she was seriously worried about what was happening. We stopped right away and had family hugs and happy time, but it took a while for her to calm down and play with us again (she loves it when Daddy wrestles with her). Whoever says kids don't now when parents are fighting is kidding themselves...she's only 4 months old.

Monday, October 8, 2007

4 month update

I have pictures to post later, but wanted to get the stats out there: As of 3:00 this afternoon our little baby is weighing in at 16 pounds even (that's the 92nd percentile) and is 24 3/4" long (67th percentile). As Dr. Hall said, she is a happy, healthy, solid, perfect baby. Her hernia is all but gone and she passed her abilities test with flying colors. And she did great with her four shots. She was done crying before I even got her into the car seat.

In other news, we had a great visit in Richland for conference. And Maeli did her roll over trick for the Grandmas to see. Thanks Gramma Terry for the Halloween Costume and Aunt Opie for the shirt. "Daddy's little pumpkin" will be quite the center of attention at all her Halloween engagements.

Jeremy has 9 weeks of school left and it seems they're going to be very taxing on him. I don't think he's had a full night's sleep in weeks. Too many projects and assignments to work on. Graduation is December 8th and anyone who wants to come is more than welcome, but you should be aware there are no hotels available anywhere near here. He has a job interview later this month and we're hoping it'll give him a chance to get some different experience to add to his resume'. Plus half our stake works there, so it would be fun. I admit I'm dreaming of a real income, (which I could quickly trade for real furniture) but as long as he's happy at work we'll do great.

My work has been interesting as we've now had 5 of the 7 babies born in the past 4 1/2 months and the other 2 should be along shortly. We're all flying by the seat of our pants and working on "new mom" brain as best as we can. I hope the hospital will recover from it's entire billing department being on maternity leave. I've had requests from some of my old clients to so some massaging, so I've been working a little from home. Its hard with Jeremy's schedule to get Maeli out of the house, but its worked out so far. I'm excited for The Great Gathering
And I hope that it'll be a success for scrap-booking and for massaging. I never know which one to hope I get to do more of.

I better get the rest of the house cleaned up before I head to bed. I've been trading kids with another girl in our ward. She takes Maeli at 10am so Jeremy can get some more school stuff done, and then I take Maeli and her kids at 1:30-5:00pm so that she can go to work and get her school work done. Its been...a learning experience.