Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Lentil Festival

Tucker had fun hanging out in the stroller, checking out stuff
Maeli got a balloon at one of the booths downtown. We really liked the live children's music, but I didn't get a picture of the band.
Mr Lentil himself...
My favorite part of the parade was the bag made the parade seem fancy to me.
Waiting for candy. Which we got plenty of.
Overall, I think we all had fun.

Our 6 Month Old!

Weighing in at 17 1/2 pounds!
Celebrating with Rice Cereal...not a fan by the way.
Gagging it down...
Did like the spoon though.
And can now roll enough that we don't have to worry about sleeping on the belly!

He was pronounced to be in perfect health at his well-baby check up. Dr. Hall said "You'd never know he had such a rough start at things." We do have a cardio-appointment next month just to make sure all his heart issues have cleared up, but Dr. Hall was confident that things will be good.

Tucker is pure happiness at 6 months...he desperately wants to be able to sit up and play, but still requires just the tiniest bit of support. He just adores Maeli and lights up every time he sees her. His favorite things are growling at his toes, kissing peoples' whole face all at once with a big opened-mouth smooch, and snuggling in bed with his daddy at 6:00am. He pretty much sleeps through the night, and greets us every morning with happy coos and smiles.

Thanks Auntie Brandi!

I love my cute new purse, and Maeli loved all of her picked very good B-Prizes for us! Thanks! It made our day to get fun mail and to know how much you love us!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Great Day To Donate Blood...

Since Tucker and I have both had blood transfusions, there is no reason not to donate blood! Its pretty fast, pretty painless, and they give you treats when you're done! Plus there is a huge shortage in our area.

Monday, August 17, 2009

More progress!

Tucker loves hanging out while Jeremy is working on the carport
Already storing junk in the loft
I helped put some of these boards up on the front last weekend...who knew OSB was so heavy?
My hunky carpenter.
Maeli liked the view from the loft before we got it all closed in.

Thanks Opie

We love our new dress up clothes...although I'm really not sure who was the most excited to get them!

"It Looks Happy"~Maeli

Auntie Dannell

A Vacation

Jeremy and I ended up taking separate vacations this summer. He planned a week-long 70-mile hike with his Dad and I thought a week alone in Pullman (with the kids) wasn't exactly what I'd call a vacation. So Jeremy headed out for the hike, and the kids and I opted to spend our time in Oregon. All of my siblings were in St. Helens while we were there, which normally only occurs at Christmas, and I desperately needed to have some "me" time...and with all those babysitters it really ended up feeling like vacation. Maeli got to play with some cousins, I got a 3 hour nap, and Tucker and Aunts and Grandmas at his beck-and-call. I think we all got what we needed.
Maeli really loved playing with Trever (above) and Kennedy, the cousins that are too old to be little, but little enough that they still play.

Gramma Connie brought Maeli some "My Little Ponies" which turned out to be pretty popular among all the cousins.
And Opie, my mom's sister, can't stand to miss out on babies.


Tucker & Roy just happen to have matching onsies and blankets on one of the days that we were in Oregon. They're too cute.

SEL Summer Picnic

Jeremy's work had a family day at the water park down in Lewiston (maybe Clarkston, I don't remember). We had so much fun! I didn't remember to start taking pictures until Tucker and I were all done swimming, he was turning a little blue). But Jeremy and I played on the water slides, and we all got into the wave pool. Jeremy and Maeli had a lot of fun in the kid's part though with all the different little fountains and stuff. It was a great family day.


Maeli is so funny about her babies. On a daily basis, they ALL have to take a nap, on their own pillow, with their own "cubbers" aka a blanket. Sometime multiple times a day, although not always in the living room, sometimes in the hall, one in every doorway, and often all somewhere in her room. When they're sleeping though, we all have to be quite and I've been in trouble more than once for waking a baby, or worse yet, moving the baby-blanket-pillow combo in order to function in the house. She is a good mama, but she is quite strict about nap'd think that would mean she sees the value of a good nap and would therefore would exercise that in her own life.