Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Date Is Set!

Baby #3 (we can't decide between Archer or Riker) will be joining us on April 5th. That's only 2 days early so hopefully we'll be avoiding all the issues we had with Tucker who was the full 2 weeks early. The hospital won't even do c-sections at 38 weeks anymore in-part because of our Tucker. I'm measuring about 2 weeks bigger than I am, so I might even be a little farther along, or having a huge kiddo, or just getting super fat this time...we'll see. In any event, this time really ought to be the charm. My last day of work is going to be March 31st, but we're keeping day care until April 9th. So I should have a few pre-baby days to get ready, and Grandma will have somewhere to take the kids so she can come snuggle the baby. And Grandma and I should both have a few post-baby mornings with no one but the baby to worry about....I'm hoping we've got this set up to be A LOT less stressful than last time.

A Birthday kind of Day

Dear Grandma,
Sorry you missed my birthday party. Don't feel bad, I had a good time. Maeli woke me up because she was really excited to sing.
I was so happy to see my whole family first thing in the morning....they sang the birthday song and made me smile.
We had a yummy breakfast and had to hurry to school. I took cupcakes for my friends and they all loved them. Maeli was sad that there wasn't one left for her, but she and I had a lot of fun playing with the giant cookie monster balloon that my teachers got me.

We had pizza for dinner because its my favorite!

Mom and Dad got me my very own tent! I was so excited to crawl inside and hide with Maeli

Dad blew up lots of balloons and put them in the tent so we could play. I really loved chewing on them and laughed and laughed when I popped one right in my face.

Mom and Costco worked really hard to make a delicious cake for my birthday...when Maeli turned one she had the very same cake...Mom said she really likes this tradition.

I didn't know if I was supposed to eat my cake or not, so I waited until Dad gave me a little taste.

I figured it out pretty quick though.

After all that chocolate (and a bath in the sink) I really needed a big cup of big boy milk!
I think my friends all had fun at my party.

Maeli got me a toy with a hammer...I really like banging on things with it!
The Wrights got me a great flannel book with pages for the whole alphabet. Janel must have worked really hard on far Dad and Maeli and I have had to take a lot of turns playing with it.
Baby Andrew got kind of sleepy, so I let him use my bed for a while...I was a little too hyper for my normal bed time anyway.
So Maeli and I played balloons in the tent for a REALLY long time...eventually we all went to bed though. It was a very good birthday.
I had my one year appointment the next day. I walked all over the office until it was time to see the doctor, but then I was too busy to do any of my tricks. I'm weighing 21 pounds now and I'm 29 inches tall. Those are both only in the 25%, but I make up for it with my 28" head (79%). I can do all the things I'm supposed to, plus a few "advanced" things, so no one is worried anymore about if my rough start at birth will effect my development. I did have to have 6 shots plus some blood drawn, but I loved my orange sucker from nurse Tammy. I think I'm going to like being One.

Love, Tucker

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Pink waffles for breakfast--with strawberries and pink whipped cream.
Tucker was a little overwhelmed by all the pink.
Dad didn't mind so much though.
And finally we got to open the presents that had been tormenting Miss Maeli for days!
New Books for everyone!
Tucker like the bag I decorated.
Jeremy had a balloon and chocolates delivered to me at work on Friday...He's been nominated the sweetest husband in my department at work. I totally agree. We had free babysitting on Saturday night, so Jeremy and I finally got to eat at Sangria. Every time we've tried to go its been closed for some random reason, but we finally had success! Dinner was delicious, and it was fun to get to eat and actually have a conversation that wasn't interrupted 40 times for water, washing, more...etc. We had some extra time after dinner, so we went to the mall and a the book store, then did a few "have to errands" while we were in Moscow and then headed home. It was a great Valentines for all of us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Church Clothes!

aren't they just so cute!?

A Daddy Daughter Date

Our stake had an ice-skating party a few weekends ago and Maeli was super excited to go dance on the ice. Since I'm not really supposed to be doing things like that right now, she and Jeremy made a date of it while Tucker and I stayed home to vacuum. They had such a blast!
All Bundled up and ready to go:
On the ice!
Cookies, cocoa, and Dad bought ice cream...what a date!