Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cute Babies!

I love the side-by-side of my cute cute babies. I think Riker looks a lot like Maeli, but everyone keeps telling me how much he's his "own." I think in this line up, Tuck is our odd man out.

Cute Kids!

4th of July

My niece Hayden flew out for a few days to help watch the kids so I could get some things done, it was so, SO wonderful to have her here, and she is more than welcome anytime. My sister and her family came out for the fourth, and not being one to miss a chance to see my kids (who are the farthest away) my mom bummed a ride. We all really loved the parade.
Riker had a great First Fourth.
All the kiddos got lots of candy
And our corn was almost "knee high by the fourth of July" It might have been taller had the family of ducks that moved in not chosen our garden as their path to and from our yard.

The Garage

After a lot of stressing about it, the concrete was a total success.
Only with all of our amazing helpers!
Scott came over for the Fourth of July and he and Jeremy got the framing done for the door. They also got the back door, and the window in.
We had a little mishap on the 4th, but the damage was very minimal. The Albion parade was about to start, and the fireman smelled the smoke, so they walked on over to inspect our extinguishing abilities.

What's a garage without a car to park in it? Thanks Kaitlyn, we love it!
Our Brother-in-law Jason is the President of All About Doors so he came over from the West Side to install our new door for us. Thanks Jason!
Jeremy's Dad came over and the siding got started, we're hoping to be all done by the end of Labor Day Weekend.