Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was trying to get Tucker to dance, which didn't really work, but I love the way that he laughs at the beginning of this video.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just some photos

Tucker is teething and is chewing on everything. It is just like having a puppy.
Maeli is all about "the truth" lately. We've been working on lies vs. being wrong...for example, "Maeli-go get your shoes, they're in your room." "No, my shoes aren't in my room, I found them in the hall, Mommy, you lied." Things like that. Anyway, she's always telling the boys "the truth." When Tucker wakes up from a nap, she goes into his room, shuts the door, and when I came in she tells me that she's not done telling him the truth yet...hmmm. And here, she's whispering, "what are you saying Maeli?" "Oh, I'm just telling him the truth." I'm just not sure what truth she's telling them.
Our sweet Riker is getting so big!
Maeli often spaces out when there is a movie on. Riker had been crying and when I came in she was giving him his binky and patting his head...her eyes never left the TV. I think she may have a problem...but for the record, she only watches one movie a day under normal circumstances.
Tucker has become the world's best "wish I could help"er. He loves to be outside, but mostly in the garage. If we're all out in the yard, he'll go in to check out the lawn mower or motorcycle. I caught him helping Jeremy dig the trench.
We have this play mat thing, and if you jiggle it a little, the star on top has flashy lights and plays music. Riker just figured out the kicking to keep the lights going and WOW! Can that boy kick. He loves it!

A day in the life of a 3 year old!

We woke up our birthday girl by singing Happy Birthday, she informed us that she needed "just 5 more minutes of sleep." I told her we'd be having cinnamon rolls (her favorite) for breakfast, THAT got her out of bed.

Dad got her a fishing pole and tackle box. They had to test them out, so he took Maeli to Pompa pond to make sure it worked...she really like digging for worms the best, but she said fishing is fun.

While they were gone, I transformed her bed into a Princess Bed fit for a 3 year old. She knew she was getting a Princess bed, but she hadn't seen it before. She had to try it out to make sure that it would fit. It does.
Then we had to have meatballs and sauce, Maeli's favorite dinner, which was quickly followed by a bath for obvious reasons.

As requested, we had "a pink and purple cake, kind of like a cupcake, with sprinkles and sparkles, and fire."

It was a pretty amazing day to be 3.

Oregon Highlights

We had a great time in Oregon and really enjoyed the vacation. Jeremy had to fly back on Monday and the kids and I stayed a while and drove back on Friday. We all enjoyed the time, but these are just some of the highlights:
Riker met Gramma Vi (Jeremy's grandma)

We got to celebrate the birthdays of Jeremy, Kaitlyn, and Maeli with banana splits!

We got to play with cousins! These are Jeremy's sister Amanda's youngest boys

We had a double-family picnic after the blessing

We got to play with cousins (this is Olivia, one of my brother's daughters)

We got to visit Grandma Opal, my Great-Grandma (who is turning 100 this summer and still knows how to tickle)

We got to play with cousins (this is Roy, my little sister's boy)

We had an amazing tea party put on by Grandma Terry

And we got to play with cousins (this is Kennedy, another of my brother's daughters)

Good times were had by all

A Father's Blessing

We went to Oregon over Memorial Day weekend so we could bless Riker. This adds his name to our family record within our church and gave Jeremy an opportunity to give him a special blessing. Jeremy did a great job and Riker was a very good baby during the whole thing, and they both looked pretty darn cute too!

We were able to have our special men with us, my dad, Gary Beatley (family on my side), Jeremy, Jeremy's dad, and my brother Brian.

But we had a ton of family there to support Riker (insert smile)

And here is our happy family

Jeremy's Birthday

My sweetie pie turned 28 recently. In honor of his birthday week, I told him he could choose the dinner menus. Among his choices of Cornish Game Hen, Shepherd's Pie, and a shrimp dish, was Hot and sour soup, shown here:

The kids and I made him a "great big huge cupcake"

And his friend Aaron trumped us all by creating a Star Trek Enterprise Lego Set


The quilt my mom and I started 8 years ago is finally done! It was originally going to be a wedding present for my brother and his wife, but we didn't get it done and they have since moved on to a king sized bed...so I HAD to keep it, bummer. We've worked on it every so often over the years, and mostly when my mom is here when we have a new baby, and since this was the last baby, we thought we better just get it done. Viola!