Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Did I mention that i HATE laundry?


Cutest breakfast ever!

Cutest breakfast eaters ever!

Its amazing what happens when you buy your husband new tools!

This is my new bed...

It was custom made for me by the most handsome fellas I know.
It has 4 cute cubbies on each side, and one big one of the end!

Next up...the foot board and head board!

Christmas Highlights

New Christmas Sweaters!

New labels on my new spice jars thanks to my new Silhouette Cameo

Santa came early since we were going to be at Grandma's house and brought us a new DVD player for in the car to replace the one that got stolen this summer...THANK YOU SANTA!

Hot Cocoa with whipped cream and candy canes!

Tuck got to test out his new snow shovel.

My new creation was a felt Christmas tree the kids could decorate over and over again.

And of course...Time with Family!

Toy Story on Ice

Way back in December we took the "big kids" to see Toy Story on Ice. I had a blast, and I think they did too! My favorite part of the actual show was when Ken and Barbie met...and it was love at first sight!

Tucker's Favorite part was seeing Buzz all over the place! He makes a pretty cute Buzz himself.

Maeli loved that she knew all the characters and that they looked just like the movies!

They were both pretty pumped to be at the show.

I think Jeremy liked that Buzz in Asian in real life :0)