Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why won't they cook faster?

Its so hard to wait for the chicken nuggets and french fries to be done. (Don't worry Grandmas, our oven doesn't get at all hot on the outside)

I'm not quite sure...

I don't really know why, but this is Maeli's favorite new thing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dad's Big Cookie

This was acutally for Father's Day, but again, from the disposable camera. Since Jeremy's favorite thing to eat for breakfast is chocolate chip cookies, Maeli and I decided to make him a very special breakfast for her very special father.

At the Circus

There were a few weeks a while ago that we didn't have a camera, so we were using a disposable. I just got that developed and now I get to remember all the great stuff we did. Such as the Circus we went to last month. Its pretty self explanatory.
Maeli really liked the elephants.
The bicycle riding bear.
Our cute family.
One happy very happy girl.
This is what Chanie would call "gym-nastic-ers"

Maeli Update:

Maeli is doing great, other than trying to cut 2 molars. She started going to a formal daycare last month and so far seems to really like it. She's to the point now where I can drop her off and she's all ready to play, doesn't even think twice about me leaving. I still have a hard time and have to drag myself out of the building every morning. I pick her up at 1pm and she usually falls asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive back to home. They must play hard because she's always pooped. She's getting bigger and bigger everyday and is now walking all over the place. I've been trying to upload the video of her walking, but blogger doesn't like it. She's turning into quite the Daddy's girl and just can't stand it when he's not paying 100% attention to her. I think that its just wonderful.

One of the many amazing animals at Day Care.
Teacher Jamie and Maeli on the first day of "school"
Totally wiped out after a hard day of playing with her new friends.

Air Show at Fairchild

I promise we're not dead! We've just been so busy trying to cram some more summer fun in before school starts this month. Who has time to blog when you're trying to do things to blog about later?

Yesterday we went to Fairchild Air Force Base to see the air show. It was pretty impressive. Lots of breaking of the sound barrier and old planes that are still in working order. Jeremy could give you all the stats about everything, they kind of blended together in my mind. We got to see the new F22 hover in mid-air and then take off like shot. I remember them saying that its basically the coolest thing out there and can be both a bomber and a fighter. Lots of acrobatics from various local plane-owners. It was too windy for the para-jumpers to show off, but they strutted around for a while and let the kids get a good look. And the Blue Angels were the Grand Finale'. I had never seen the blue angels in real life, but wow! Complete with top-gun music in the background, these pilots are amazing. Our pictures don't do them justice, but the announcer said in some of the stunts there is only about 18" between the wings. Amazing. And it was a free show to boot! You can't beat that. Maeli liked being outside, but there was no where she could really let loose, so she got antsy before the show was over. Plus she's getting 2 molars, so its hard to keep her happy. When it was over there, we made a run to target (since we were so close to one!) and then ate at IHOP for the first time. Stuffed waffles are well worth the $6.