Saturday, March 3, 2012

Since We Had Some Time...

Jeremy thought he should learn how to sew. First lesson: how to turn on and thread the machine and sew straight lines....I've now taught him everything I know. He made what has become the carpet in Maeli's doll house, but is actually a heating pad...pretty impressive.

Birthday Boy!

A Birthday Extravaganza - In No particular Order:

My grandparents sent some money to Tucker for his birthday, so we used that to go toward a new trampoline. He's an energetic boy and I already think its the best money we've ever spent. And my couch is thankful too!
He was pretty pumped that his happy birthday was finally here and woke Dad up early to come see his special present in the living room. We figured it was easier to give him the trampoline that morning than to try to keep it hidden since we had to put it together the night before.
Grandma Terry sent some presents and one of the big hits was this Toy Story play set. They've been playing in "Andy's Room" quite a bit lately. And there are enough pieces that everyone gets a bunch so its easy for sharing-Way To Go grandma!
The second he opened his super hero shirts he had to put one on! Check out those muscles! Its a good thing he got three because its all he'll wear now!
Despite having so many helpers, he did get to open a few of his own presents!
He had his Doctor's Appointment to see if he was big enough to really be 3. Dr. Hall gave him the green light, but thought he might be a little too cute--I agree!
He measured up to all of our expectations! 37" and 35lbs. This is a perfect boy!
Tucker was very adamant that he wanted Brownies, not Cake for his birthday. We had some friends over to help us eat our Sundaes! And engage in some Nerf Warfare!
We sure love this boy!


So we had this brilliant idea: Spend the day letting the kids earn pennies by doing chores, being nice, sharing, etc. As well as loose pennies for fighting, sassing, and not eating get it, right? We let them know ahead of time that with their pennies they'd be able to by treats after dinner. So at the end of the day, Maeli and Tucker each had one, and Riker had 2. (Jeremy actually did the most chores and had quite a stash).

So then we dressed up our laundry baskets like they were cars, and we drove them to the Drive-In movies!

When the snack shack opened, everyone brought their pennies and chose what they wanted. Everyone did great with this except Maeli. Early in the afternoon she decided that she was only going to want one treat and therefore wasn't doing any more chores and she would be just nice enough to keep her penny....she was pretty sad that she couldn't have chocolate AND a sucker.

Honestly, it was by the far the most enjoyable movie night we've ever had at our house. The kids couldn't touch each other so no one was fighting, Jeremy and I didn't have kids all over us, and everyone say through almost the entire show...I think we'll be doing this again!