Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Your Girl

Maeli is all about Dad right now (except for bed time, Jeremy has to be the bad cop because I can't really pick her up and drag her back to bed.) She waits all afternoon for his arrival, any kind of sharp wind through the car port and she thinks Dad is home, she runs to the door (which she can easily open) and anxiously awaits him. She usually greats him with "I'm your girl, I'm your girl Daddy." Which i think is just so gets funny though because Tucker is "your boy." ie-"your boy is awake" or "your boy made a mess" or (my favorite) "your boy is going to get your girl." But only for Jeremy. For me, she's Maeli, he's Tucker, and apparently I have no claim on either of them. She wants to dance with Daddy and wrestle with Daddy and heaven forbid Tucker or Mom try to get in on it. Now, I do realize that I have become way less interesting since the "baby in my tummy" has prevented certain activities--for example, I could not play in her and Dad's fort tonight without crawling under the crib to get in...hmmm. And truth be told, I hope Dad is the favorite for years to come...the things she says are just so funny right now! I wish I could just record her all the time. We were at an indoor play-place on Saturday and Tucker spit up a little on the floor, I was cleaning it up, and talking to this other mom and Maeli walked over and told this stranger-mom "we don't lick puke." This is not a conversation we've ever had to have at my house, but I can only wonder what that mom was thinking.

Smile if you Love Pizza!

I just loved how happy he was to be eating pizza with us the other night. And I realized that I totally forgot to post his 9-month check up stuff. He's 19.5 pounds, and i can't remember exactly how tall, but it was in like the 12th percentile. Turns out that he had bronchitis so we had to do some breathing treatments for him (albuterol in a nebulizer). Its so hard to tell when that kid is really sick because he's ALWAYS happy. We think he has a little sniffle, and it turns out to be'll be so nice when he's big enough to tell us he's sick. Other than that he's doing great, and is now the proud owner of 4-that's right-4 teeth, all on the bottom, and all crooked.

Santa-Take 1

Tucker did great, but had no hesitation about going back to Dad when Santa was done.
Maeli was all geared up and brave up until the last moment when she decided it was a no go. She was pleasantly surprised that Santa still gave her a present and decided at that point maybe a high-five would be okay.
I think we have one more Santa opportunity this season, we'll see if that goes more smoothly.

Not worth crying about

So Maeli walks into the office with an empty cup, "Mom, I spilled my Milk."
Mom: Not quite looking at her as I finish paying bills on-line "Okay, get a towel and clean it up, I'll be right there."
Maeli just stands there, so I turn and look at her. She has a very worried look on her face. Mom asks, "Where did you spill your milk?"
Maeli, big sigh, "On my brother."


We wanted to take full advantage of my parents while they were on this side of the Gorge for Thanksgiving (see last post) so we asked them to spend an extra night so Jeremy and I could go on a date. They lived in Spokane when they were Newlyweds and wanted to take a stroll down memory lane, so we all got a hotel up there for the weekend. Maeli was SO SUPER excited to go swimming with Grandpa so we had to stay at the Red Lion because they have an indoor pool. I love staying at hotels, although it seems every time we do, I'm in a condition that won't allow my to use the hot tub....humph! We had adjoining rooms, so it was great to let the kids wander back and forth without having to worry about the hall. We had a great stay!

The Date:
Jeremy and I had big plans for our 5 year anniversary, which is coming up in May. However, a one month old puts the ki-bosh on most of them, so we opted to celebrate our 4 1/2 year but going to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was so fun! The hotel was right across the river from the performance, and they have a little bridge you can just wander across--perfect! Our first real date after Jeremy's mission was to see the stage production of Oklahoma in Portland, so it took me back a little. Ahhhh. We had a grown-up dinner complete with an appetizer and dessert (a huge switch from the play-place-esque restaurants we normally frequent), and spent some time together shopping for the holidays. It was a much needed break from our children whom we love dearly. And Grandma and Grandpa not only survived, but seemed to even like it! We may have to consider making this a routine thing!


So I know I'm a little late, but we had a great Thanksgiving, and I thought I should share it. Plus it was Tucker's I'd be in trouble 10 years from now if he thought I just didn't care. We went to Tri-Cities, where my Grandma lives and met up with my Mom and Dad and her to celebrate. My Grandma doesn't really cook anymore, and my mom and I thought that since it was vacation, no should HAVE to cook, so my Dad treated us to Turkey dinner at The Old Country Buffet. Which was especially great since I don't really care for Turkey and got to eat ham, AND give in to my craving for taco salad at the same time. I was totally shocked at how many people were there, but I guess its okay if we're not the only ones that would rather not cook and clean on a holiday. It was great for the kids too because they both got to eat what they like:
Squash(fitting for the occasion) for Tucker
and mostly Jello for Maeli. It was great to see Grandma, although I failed to take any pictures at her house, I'll have to steal some from my mom. And we had a great time. All the REAL stores in Kennewick on Black Friday were just a bonus. :0)