Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silly Riker

Christmas Crafts

I found myself with some "free" time the other day (ignoring the dishes, laundry, errands, and kids for a few hours) and was feeling crafty...

I'm not allowed to really display them until after Thanksgiving, but I'm getting ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One Thing I love About These Kids...

Sometimes I forget that I love my kids, that I'm lucky to have them. I'm thankful to be home with them, but its not easy, so lately I've been trying to get ready for Thanksgiving my trying to remember what I'm thankful for. So this past week I wanted to capture a moment with each kid that is special to me...

I clip coupons, and when I pull out the paper to get started the kids get really excited to help, I let them cut up adds and stuff that I won't use. The other day the Special Target Toy book came and Tucker snatched it right away (I also love that he waits to see the picture of "the football guys" on the sports page and snatches that up right away every week) He spent at least an hour carefully checking out each and every page. What I loved, is that he didn't ask for any of the toys, he didn't say "I want this" about anything. He made comments and he showed me the things he thought were awesome, but he was just studying the toys. He's such a sweetheart, but we rarely have moments of peace and calm, and this was so special to sit with him and work on our paper together.

Riker is getting so much personality and is determined to be independent. Lately, this has manifested itself with clothing. He's trying to do more and more himself. In this case he was wearing one of Tucker's shirts and trying to put on one of Maeli's shirts as pants. I found him and said "what are are you wearing?" and he said "Pretty." He was quite determined to wear this outfit to do our errands, my only saving grace was that its so cold he wanted "more" clothes on. I love watching him grow and become more of an individual and so much just a generic baby. He's so cute.

Miss Maeli has so much attitude. A blessing and a burden. She's very stubborn and quick tempered (a bit like her Daddy). I love that she is confident in herself, I love that she has a strong belief in right and wrong and won't let anyone get away with what she thinks is wrong. Including me. She reminds me daily of all the things that I can work on, but she's also always willing to help me be a better mom, and help me hold it together when things are a little too crazy. She knows me so well and picks up on all my cues that I can't handle another moment. She tries to help the boys stay busy so I can try to be productive, but she really only wants to help with whatever I'm working. I love my sweet Maeli, and in spite of the doors slamming and screaming how Daddy is better than me, I know she loves me too.

Kicked out

I've been kicked out of the office/Maeli's room...I've moved myself in to the closet, still getting used to the set-up and figuring out the best way to arrange everything. I think it'll be okay.

Trick Or Treat

Could we be anymore excited!?

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Terry with us for the whole weekend before Halloween, she was so much fun! She's a devil for leaving us with most of a cake though....Devil indeed!

We went to Trunk or treat at the church, and then our little town had a small trunk-or-treat at the park. Just enough candy to feel like a ton without actually having to eat a ton...perfect!