Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A note to me

Dear Beth,
You love your husband,  this is no secret.  But, if you ever start to doubt that, or wonder how much he loves you.  Remember this:  The thought of making you crawl under the house never even occurred to him.
Love, You


Tucker is all set for his first day of Preschool....Had to have both a sweatshirt and his spite of the  90 degree weather made him "look cool like a preschool kid"

Who's on the bus!?!

Maeli!  Tucker was overcome with excitement and couldn't stand waiting for her to get home from Kindergarden!  He didn't let go over her for several minutes.

We Go Out Walking....

So most days after we drop Maeli off at school, the boys and I try to go on a walk...typically at least 4 miles, although sometimes it depends on the errands we're doing on the way.   For those of you who've never tried to walk a distance with a 2 & 3 year old, it goes something like this.....

Stop everytime you see you big rock and put in the stroller (at least this increases the weight slowly)

Relax a bit while mom does the work.

Beg and plead and whine to get out and walk (I usually make them stay in until the last 1-2 miles)

Potty stop

Followed immediately by sanitizer time

Time to RUN!

Fight about which tray is who's and who gets to keep which rocks.

Get those wiggles out!

Get the biggest rock you can find

Chuck it off the bridge, along with all those other rocks we've collected along the way.

Check out the splash
"Good Adventure Mom!"

Can't Forget About RIker




While we were in Bandon, we wanted to do some fun family things.  So we went to the West Coast Game Park Safari and it was SOOOO fun.  Kind of like a zoo, but all the animals are closer, and they have little presentations where you can actually interact with some of the animals.

The kids really liked the baby Bob Cat.  Of course they had professional photos for sale, but the encouraged you to take all the photos you wanted, and they were awesome about letting each kid have a good chunk of time with the animals.

Maeli wanted to take it home and give it toys.

Tucker also wanted to take it home.

The Baby Bear.

There were quite a few Llamas, the kids kept quoting "Llama, Llama Mad at Mama."  I kept quoting the Emperor's New Groove.

You could buy little cups of feed, and you were allowed to feed any animals not in cages...some of the animals figured out who had the food and followed you around quite a bit.  This is Jeremy's best friend.

Rodents of Unusual Size

Maeli loved the baby Opossum.

Riker did not want it on him.

I liked this little "White Skunk"  who had been de-stinkified.

Maeli and Jeremy chose to ride the camel instead of picking a prize from the gift shop.  There ride got over, but I still have my magnet!

Riker bonded quite a bit with this Chimpanzee.  They were blowing zerberts to each others and seemed to have a lot in common.

Jeremy's parents took us around Bandon and showed us all their special places.  This is where Connie, Jeremy's mom, grew up, and where she met Jeremy's Dad while he was stationed here with the coast guard.

Tucker and I got eaten by a shark, but other than that it was a great vacation!

Hiding out in the enclosure on the boardwalk so we could eat our dinner without the wind (and while keeping some excited little kids in one place)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We love our grandma Terry time!

A spur of the moment trip to the races!  It was family day so everyone got in for free.  I loved the horn guy.

Jeremy got way into the stats and trying to make an educated decision about his bet.

The girls and I were way into picking the horse based on name, feeling, number, or because he looked he'd run fast.

We headed South to Bandon, Or to meet up with Jeremy's parents and camp a little bit.  Tucker loved the buckets and shovels Grandma Connie brought for the beach!

Let head to the ocean!

Seaweed Tug-o-war....Riker wins.

Chuck-E-Cheese is...

Where a kid can be a kid! And a grandpa can coach his grandsons on how to shoot without any danger to the lives of others!

And 2 little boys can be firefighters and really shoot water at the fire!

And Grandpa can take his turn when he thinks no one is looking!

And little pieces of paper can make your dreams come true!

And you can sore over fields and valleys and mountains without ever leaving mom's sight!

And mom and Chanie can bet and win thousands of dollars without risking loosing the house!

And you can be a rock star if you want to.

And you can get Grandma to do just about anything...okay thats true all the time if you're a grand kid!

And you can eat your treats and all the pizza you want!