Monday, July 23, 2007

Pictures for Gramma

I was trying to capture a smile, but got about 30 pictures of yawning.
I wish I could say it was me getting that reaction, but she's looking at the curtains...they're so funny! She's getting pretty close to giggling, but she can't quite get the sound out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our Big Girl!

11 lbs 3 oz.

Dinner is served.

We ate them too fast to take a picture of them cooked, but they were GOOD!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to work? Over my dead body

Thanks to Sheila's blog, it turns out my dead body is worth $4855. I'm curious what Dad's would be worth with all of his injuries and such.

And I'm "back at work" now. Not officially because we don't see the Doctor until tomorrow, but I went in every day last week to "catch up." Jeremy has been staying home with the baby until 10 or so, and then bringing her to me at work and she and I stay until she's had enough. Its been working well for us, but my boss at the hospital is concerned because Maeli is a distraction for everyone else. She's good, just sits there and sleeps, but everyone has to stop and admire her. I'm afraid they're going to tell me to not bring her in, and then we'll be in a little pickle until school starts August 20th. We'll see how it goes I guess. My boss at WSU is pretty upset that I'm not going back there in the Fall, but they don't want to give me medical insurance, so it made the choice pretty obvious. On one hand its nice to spend a few hours a day with grown ups, women, and to be out of the house. But on the other hand it breaks my heart to leave every morning, even though she's with Jeremy and its only for a few hours. Of course, when she and I are just home, I'm always anxious for Jeremy to get home so we can all be together, we just have such a nice family.
So it's blazing hot here in Pullman, and it'll be this way until mid-September, Geez I miss Oregon. We've been trying to stay cool, but usually Maeli and I find some reason to need to drive around or go to store mid-afternoon in order to feel some AC. Its hard to believe that we had snow in April.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maeli's First Vacation

Mom and Dad took me on a big Vacation to Oregon to meet lots of my family. I met so many people, I couldn't keep everyone straight. Mom doesn't have pictures of everyone and everything, but this is some of my vacation.

I'm read for vacation!

Auntie Brandi came to visit me from Utah! She snuggled and played with me a lot. She even changed my diapers and did chores for mom. She was a big help while we got ready to leave.

I was so excited to meet Great-Great-Grandma Opal. She's so fun, I'm glad that I'm named after her. She was worried that I was too cold all the time. Silly gramma.

Me, Mom, Grandma Terry, Great Grandma Gloria & Great Great Grandma Opal

Great Grandma Gloria rocked me to sleep.

Great Grandpa Bob will play more when I'm a little stronger.

It was fun to meet Great Grandma Sibyl, she's so nice to sleep on.

We stopped in Ione so I could meet Great-Grandpa Leo & Delma

Great-Grandma Vi said I'm the prettiest baby she's seen since she had her own.

We went out for Pizza with Aunt Amanda. Cousin Jesse and Chad didn't hold me, but I got to see them. I can't wait for my new cousin to be born.

Uncle Jon REALLY likes me...a lot.

Aunt Dannell is a good snuggler, I got to see her at her house and at her work. She made everyone at her work come see how cute I am.

Cousin Trever thought it was amazing how little my toes are!

Me and cousin Tyler.

Me and cousin Scott

Me and cousin Carmen

Cousin Kaitlyn brought me some pretty dresses to wear when I get a little bit bigger.

Cousin Trinity is really good at holding me, she'll do great when her brother is born.

Mom and Dad took me to see the ocean. It was really windy, so I had to stay snuggled up, but I got a peak. And I loved the way it smelled.

Cousin Kennedy drew me a lot of pictures while I was there. I hung then up in my room when I got home.

Auntie Brenda came to Chanie's party so she could hold me a lot.

Uncle Jason is really tall. He wanted to hold me up high in one hand, but mom said not until I'm bigger.

Aunt Glenna even changed my diaper so that she could have a turn holding me.

Aunt Kathleen came to Grandma Connie's house so she could hold me for a few minutes.

I also got to meet Aunt Cindy.

Uncle Brian is really good and snuggling little girls, and mom says he makes great bar-b-que, I can't wait to try it.

Olivia is my closest cousin right now, I can't wait until I'm big enough to play with her. She has delicious Binkies!
Aunt Sheila held me a lot too, but the picture is a little funny.
And Cousin Hayden Held me, but she didn't want to have her picture taken with just us.

My favorite part was when Dad gave me a blessing. I was so good not to cry, but mom and Dad both cried! I love my Daddy so much, I'm so happy he could bless me.

It was a really fun vacation, but I'm pooped!