Friday, July 17, 2009


We were going to go hiking for family home evening this week, but it was raining on Monday so it got bumped to Wednesday. It was a mini-trial run for Jeremy's big hike next month--on only did 3 1/2 miles, he'll be doing 70. I thought it was super fun, although I'm so glad I've been working out the last few weeks or I probably would have died. These are the highlights:

My Cartoon Kids

Don't you love snuggles in the morning?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Impromptu "orange soda" party

My kids have the best Dad ever!

More cousins!

My sister-in-law Sheila decided to bring her 4 girls over to visit us and we had a total blast. Sheila is a better picture taker than I am, so I didn't really take very many because she ALWAYS has her camera ready, so you'll have to look at her blog for more exciting photos. Maeli had so much fun playing with the girls (except maybe for Baby Megan who really wanted to play but didn't know the rules). She's been talking about the cousins since they left and can't wait to see them next month. I should have taken a picture of all the food Sheila left. I guess baking must be her idea of vacation because we have enough treats to last us until Christmas...Thanks oodles Sheila! I hope you guys had fun. And thanks Hayden for all your help with my can come back anytime. Jeremy and I even got to go on a date while they were here.
they played so good outside that everyone needed a bath, we kind of just cycled them through. Maeli though sharing a bath was pretty fun.
And Livie and Maeli seemed to get a long for the most part, which kind of surprised me.


2 boys in the tub! Tucker and baby Roy had their first (of what I assume will be more) bath together. They seemed to like it...and like boy cousins would, they took turns kicking each other. It'll be more fun when they can play together so Chanie and I can both take pictures.
A clean Tucker
A clean Roy
I told Chanie that I would give her a baby massage lesson, but our boys were not into it at all.

maybe next time...


We invited Scott and Chanie (and of course Baby Roy) over for the 4th of July weekend to help "us" roof the car port. We had so much fun.
We ate lots of good food. Between all the invites to different friends' houses I did actually feed them once.

And in between all the fun the fellas did manage to get the carport joined to the house and totally roofed and it looks so good. We've had a thunderstorm and rain today, so I'll have to get a roofed picture when its nicer outside.

4th of July!

Our friends, the Wrights, invited us over to swim at their condo one last time before they move into their new house...we all had so much fun!
We also got invited to a BBQ with some friends here in Albion. It was so fun for the kids to get to run around together, and we got to meet some new families.
The kids really liked the trampoline.
Me and Tucker snuggled close to watch all the fireworks. He actually stayed up for most of the show.
Thanks to Uncle Scott and some of the other fellas we had a pretty good show out in Albion. A lot of families got together and shot their fireworks off at the park, so with the combined effort and we fireworks until 11:00! Maeli loved it and it still talking about when she saw the fireworks.


We were really excited to watch the 4th of July parade in Albion. I think the whole town crammed into any shade they could fine, so we were actually across the street from our house, but we have lot of friends there with us.
Because it was so hot, a lot of the parade folks squirted water. Everyone loved it but Tucker.
Uncle Scott was all over helping Maeli get as much candy as possible. She got her fill and then some!
A very happy Maeli enjoying the parade.
I think Tucker was enjoying it too, but its hard to tell from this picture.

4 months!

Tucker had his four month check-up and is still a perfectly healthy baby. He's weighing in at 15.8 pounds (75th percentile) is 25.3 inches tall (70th percentile) and has a head circumference of 16.9 inches (75th percentile). He's a little smaller than Maeli was at 4 months, but he seems to be more proportionate. His lungs and heart are doing great (we do still have at least one appointment with the cardiologist at 6 months) and you'd never know that he had so many problems at birth. He did have to have some shots, but calmed down very quickly (this picture is after the shots). He is developing on track, and Dr. Hall has no concerns about him being at all delayed. He's still a pretty happy baby as long as he's fed. And he loves to talk! I've got a few videos of him squawking that I haven't been able to post, but I'll keep trying. He loves Maeli and cracks up at the sight of her.

2 Years!

Our Doctor as out of town during Maeli's birthday, but she finally had her 2 year check up! Weighing in at 25.1 pounds (25th percentile) and being 33.5 inches tall (37% percentile) with a head circumference of 19.5 inches (92% percentile). Although she hasn't exactly grown into her head, she is otherwise perfect. Dr. Hall did mention that probably neither of our kids will be basketball players. She didn't have to get shots this time and she did very well with all of the probing.

The McLain Boys!