Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tuck's First Fishing Trip

We had some beautiful weather, so Jeremy and Tuck headed to Pampa Pond to do a little fishing. Tuck lasted over an hour, which is way better than Maeli ever does...I think Dad has found a new fishing buddy. And they brought home some almost-keepers, and we had trout for dinner!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Riker!

The birthday boy spent the morning playing in the recycling, one of his favorite things to do!
The traditional Super chocolate cake from Costco!
Much more interested in tasting it than blowing out the candle.
That goes for Tucker too who was told many times not to touch the cake!How to eat a cake:
First, graciously smile at whoever brings the cake to within your reach

Next, with 2 hands, grab as much as you can, and shove it in your face.
Once you have consumed enough cake to satisfy the animal inside, take a moment to regroup with a refreshing cup of milk.
Licking your fingers will ensure that no cake is wasted!
And lastly, don't forget to give thanks to the heavens above that you have cake to eat.
We had a pretty good party to celebrate our baby turning one. Lots of friends that we've been meaning to get together with. Claytons also came, but specifically asked to not appear in any photos.

Our Sweet Baby
I admit it, I'm sad that our LAST baby turned one...But he's SO busy, there's no way I'd be ready for another...and I judging from his siblings, I don't think he'll be getting less busy anytime soon. We have his well-baby tomorrow, and I'll post all about Riker when we know how big he is and everything.

Walking Man!

Big Kid Beds!

Our Utah Adventure

I guess I didn't take any pictures of us getting to Utah, but me and the kids had a great time...Seriously. They were amazing in the car, especially between home and Boise. We met up my Mom and Dad at a hotel in Boise and had lots of fun eating Pizza and playing in the pool! On day two we were so glad we had the DVD player, we lost Grandma and Grandpa en route to Lehi, but ended up getting to Brandi's just a few minutes behind them. We had lots and lots of fun, but here are a few of the highlights...
We went to Chuck E Cheese, which was so fun, the kids had a blast, and it wasn't very busy, so there were a little more free to run, which was awesome! the boys spent most of their time driving everything that had any kind of wheel.

Maeli fell in love with the "picture ride." It snaps a photo of you while you sit totally still and then it draws it for you...we have about 10 pictures of her and everyone else she could get to sit with her.
They didn't even mind when the ride weren't moving.
Even Grandma and Grandpa had fun.
This was my favorite, especially with the team effort.
Riker actually won all these tickets, although he didn't care too much about the prizes when all was said and done.
One day took the train to Salt Lake. The kids had a lot of fun, it was their first time on a train! It looks like Grandma is having lots of fun too!
My beautiful sister was such a great hostess...we invaded her house, had toys everywhere, tormented her dog, took over her bed, woke her up at all hours of the night, and she just kept smiling!
Maeli really wanted to see a temple. She was so mad that we couldn't go inside, but she loved seeing the Salt Lake Temple. There were a few weddings going on, so she also got to see some "beautiful brides."
Tucker thought the Organ at the Tabernacle was pretty cool, although the guy was either tuning, or repairing, and not playing any music...he sang along with the individual notes though.
The LDS church history museum has a whole part for kids where they can play with everything! Maeli loved dressing up and trying to dance with the video of Latin dancers.
The boys really loved harvesting all the veggies from the garden!
More things to drive--best vacation ever!
Grandma was the grand champion of the tortilla toss
A cookie break!
Best picture ever!


So a while back, I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen Tucker for a while (less than 10 minutes, and the front door was locked, I'm not a totally bad mother). I looked all over the house and thought maybe he was hiding..."Tucker, where are you?" I heard a little noise, and followed..."Tucker, where are you?"....getting closer, "Tucker?"....

"I'm on the Blue Nuh-nuh-Cycle" you know because a motorcycle goes HuhNANANAhh when it starts.

And a different day, I found miss Maeli mopping the kitchen and singing a song about how she has to mop and clean all the time and her family is mean...I'm going to guess she was playing Cinderella and/or Annie...both of which we watch a lot. For the record, I've never made her mop the floor. I love that she's obviously singing to someone...

Which of These Things Doesn't Belong?




A trip to the Dentist

It was a while ago, but I thought I should mention that our brave girl had to go all the way under to have some dental work done. She was a trooper (so was Dad who opted to be the one waiting in the waiting room, rather than the one waiting at home). She did great and her teeth look wonderful!

After she was in the car, she just wanted to go home and watch care bears!

She didn't move for about 5 hours, and then all of the sudden, she was up and back to normal.