Saturday, March 27, 2010


The other day Tucker was really getting sleepy and I was trying to switch the laundry really quick before I put him down for a nap. When I came into the living room, this is what I found. I asked Maeli what she was doing and she said, "Tucker just wanted to snuggle me for a while." She had even gotten them a blanket to share.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had my thirty-eight week appointment today and all is well. No real progress since last time, although my Doctor commented that there is "a lot of head" and "not a lot of room to breath" when he was measuring me. It justified my whining about how big I think the baby is...we'll see, but my mom swears that the third baby is the huge one in our family. And people who see my daily keep referring to my "torpedo." And people I don't even know are suddenly very much aware of my pregnancy. I don't have any more appointments until the pre-op on the 4th, unless something happens, or I feel like I need to be seen. I'm actually getting pretty excited (not sure if that's just the thought of not being pregnant anymore) but Maeli is the one who can't wait. She really wants us to name the baby "brother" and won't call him anything but that. She talks constantly about when "mom's tummy gets cut so we can have our baby." We were in the car today and I started to warn her that when the baby comes we have to rearrange the car seats, so she'll be in the middle so she can help mom when the baby is crying. She got really concerned and said, "But maybe the baby will cry and I can give him a Binky, but if Tucker cries and I hold his hand I can't give the baby a Binky." So, she's just as worried as I am about the multi-tasking, hopefully together we'll be able to handle it. She's so anxious though, she knows we have to wait for one more gymnastics class, then Grandma comes, the the Easter bunny comes, then the next day we get our baby. Just too many things in the way.

Tucker is of course oblivious to the situation, although I think he'll be glad when I have more lap to offer him. He's been sick this past week but seems to be on the mend. We were already planning on some serious spring cleaning this weekend, but now its a must. He's getting so big and climbing on everything, I fear Grandma Terry might be overwhelmed. He prefers Dad over anyone else, which is probably a huge blessing. He doesn't have a lot of words, but is a great communicator. He often brings Jeremy his empty cup, shows it to Jeremy, puts it in his mouth and 'sucks' to show that its empty and then hands it over to him. He must be brilliant, right!? He's pretty much happy all the time, but is seriously curious and not afraid of anything. I think that's a boy thing. He adores Maeli and loves to snuggle with her in a blanket. He follows her around all the time and is grateful for any attention she'll throw his way...which often means making her scream...ah..siblings. I can't imagine what our home would be like without our Tucker.

Jeremy has been crazy busy at work which has meant a lot of evenings and Saturdays away, I feel so fortunate though to have a husband who loves our kids so much. He often comes home for dinner and some play time knowing that he'll have to turn around and head back to work for a few more hours. He's doing great in his class and has been able to earn some money doing some Chinese translation projects this semester. He's excited about the baby's arrival, and I think he's even excited for me to be home with the kids...part of it might be my promise to start packing lunches for him on occasion, but we both think it'll be a good move for our family.

And I'm counting down my last few days of work, my replacement is fully in place and I'm feeling ready to move on, sort of. I'm looking forward to my mom's arrival...well, really I'm looking forward to all of it. Such an adventure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Full Term"

Which really doesn't mean a thing to me as my last "full term" baby was a "gigantic premie," but technically I guess it should mean everything would probably be okay if the baby was born now...used to make me feel better, now, not so much. But we are getting close. I didn't have an appointment this week, but at my last one they checked me and I was starting to efface and was dilated to 1.5--not that I'm a total cynic, but I got that far with Maeli and nothing more ever happened...for weeks, so I'm not really counting any chickens yet. I sound a little bitter about my past experiences, and I'm really not, I just know that things NEVER go as planned, so I'm trying not to play out any scenarios in my head. Things are normal though for this point in the process, and we're still a go for the April 5th date. I have an appointment next Wednesday to see where we're at and I'll keep the blog as up-to date as I can when we get to crunch time. I got to go in and pre-register at the hospital, and my co-workers are counting down the days till my farewell lunch, so I guess it really is getting pretty close. I'm still not nervous about the actual surgery...just holding my breath a little until we hear the apgar scores. This week we still like the name Riker.

Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

I do not like them Sam I am!
Try them, try them, and you may. Try them and you may I say....
I will try them, if she will too...I don't want to eat green goo
I tried them Tucker, they're alright. Eat them up before its night.
I like green eggs, but where is the Ham? And my toast does not have any jam!
I like the eggs, that I'll say...but this is weird, even for St. Patrick's Day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

In honor of Dr Seuss's birthday last week, Tucker's class at "school" had funny dress up days all week. Monday he got to wear jammies, and they had hat day, crazy hair day, funny socks day, but on "mismatched clothes" day, Tucker won first prize thanks to Dad's ensemble.
He didn't appreciate the full outfit though, nor did Maeli who told Tucker's teachers that "Tucker is ugly today."
He won a blue ribbon, and a balloon!

"I made a temple"

okay, so its out of a pop-tart, but we're going to ignore that part of it.

Like Father Like Son

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pay Day!

I'm so grateful to have a husband that works so hard to provide for our family...and I'm grateful for on-line shopping! Since we set the date for Baby, I've been feeling a little "nesty." But after the last hour of shopping from the convenience of my comfy chair I feel like in 5-7 business days we'll be on the verge of having what we need. We picked up the mini crib & mattress last weekend (its not put together yet, but I'll post a picture when we're all set, its super cute). Sheets and bedding are on the way. The car seat is now on the way (we had to get a new one in order to fit 3 across the back seat). And while I was researching, I came across a great Old navy promo code, so now the "big kids" are getting St. Patrick's day t-shirts (don't tell, its a surprise), a surprise for Jeremy, and flip flops all around. With less than 5 weeks to go, I think we're on our way to being prepared. I feel the overwhelming need to throw away everything we haven't used this week, but I'm trying to go with what we haven't used in the past year. It makes Jeremy crazy when I start throwing stuff out, but I figure this is the last time I have a valid hormone-crazed excuse. Plus 5 people in 900 square feet is going to require some sacrifice. I wish I could just take everything outside and only move in what I think we need...but that's a little too crazy, even for nesting. Its kind of too bad that the clean-mode doesn't kick in sooner, and last longer.