Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For those who haven't heard

We're having a baby on
February 23rd
At 7:00am at
Pullman Regional

Jeremy will post as soon as he's free (I'm guessing that means when Grandma takes Maeli to school and demands he let her hold the baby) and when I'm up to it I'll add my notes. Its another c-section by Dr. Hall, who was our doctor with Maeli. Jeremy is nervous about the procedure, I'm nervous about the extra kid...we're sure that together we can handle both. I'm looking forward to not spending a week trying to get into the hospital, and another week trying to get out...this time should go much smoother.

So long old friend...

Jeremy and I have wanted a new couch forever...some friends gave this to us when we got married because it was broken and they got new furniture...and we love free stuff. We've always planned on buying a new couch "when we could afford it" which seems to happen when we NEED new tires or whatever...So then we bought the house and planned on buying new furniture when the mobile home sold...and its now being rented. So then there's this real possibility that we'll end up going to China for a year or so sometime next year, so why buy furniture that we're going to have to put in storage. So the plan was to "wait and see." Until our couch turned us....not being ones to risk blinding our child so that we could keep the couch of death (even though it was free) we opted to send it away to live out its spring poking years where all good couches go to retire with dignity.
Maeli had a cow...when she woke up the next morning she flipped..."couch" "couch" "couch." She even stood on a chair crying at the window because she could see the couch in the back of Jeremy's truck ready to "move on." We could not calm her down--well get tough chicky, its never coming back in here! We took full advantage of the missing furniture and "we" shampooed the carpets.
okay, I actually did help a little, but Jeremy took over when I got pooped after one tank of water.
Although we enjoy the "open" feeling...we're starting to miss having a couch. Kitchen chairs just don't really cut it when its time to watch Grandma Terry is coming for three weeks when we have Tucker and she might want to sit or sleep at some point. So we're awaiting our "sleeper sofa" from which was our "nicer than what we had, but not our first choice, but it'll work" compromise. It should get here on Friday! she IS a little weird.

How do you convince a 20 month old that wipes aren't hats?
This one really isn't weird, just cute. We watched Maeli's friend Max the other day (which wasn't bad, but if Jeremy ever says twins again I'm going to kill him) and they had a little PB&J date at Maeli's new table...I thought it was so sweet.
When having a tea party, it is crucial that every bowl have some cereal so that none of your "guests" feel deprived...I kind of wondered how she was eating it so fast when she kept coming to the kitchen asking for "moe."
A girl can never have enough accessories, right?

The nap

The other day Maeli feel asleep on my lap while I was sitting on the floor...I couldn't really get up with her, so I pulled the blanket off the couch and a pillow (Jeremy's sister Dannell made us these for Christmas) and kind of laid her down on the floor...Holy smokes...even with music on and the washer going, all kinds of stuff, she slept in the middle of the floor until Jeremy got home and woke her up. (It was time, and he can't wait to play with her when he gets home). It was the best nap-for me-ever!

Christmas Highlights

Jeremy's family takes turns making each other presents and then they give them to each other on Christmas Eve. Jeremy made his Dad a DVD of wood working clips from the Internet (all of which were okay to copy)Maeli really had so much fun with all of her cousins. She was a lot warmer to all the family this trip!Jeremy's parents got a leg massage thing to go with their massage chair thing...that was my Merry Christmas...and this is as much of a belly shot as we have to date. Auntie Chanie probably won for the most fun (although Jeremy's sisters watched her for us while we were shopping, but we didn't see that fun, we just heard about it later. Maeli loves her puzzles from Grandma Terry and Aunt WendyA tea party set from Grandma Terry...a cell phone of her very own...and the world's best bath tub toys...the turtle is a sprinkler!...We all had a very Merry Christmas, and we got safely where we were going the whole break!

I have the best husband

Thank you so much for keeping us safe and warm this winter. All the snow you've shoveled, the tree you had to chop up so we could drive, and all the extra driving you've had to do because I'm a wuss since I totaled the all really means so much to me. You even drive the truck with no heat so that we can be warm in the car. All these things let me know how much you love me and Maeli, and we love you so much and appreciate how good you are to us. Thank you for being the best husband and dad.
Love, your girls

Not Such a Baby Anymore

She wouldn't take the tie off, but all of the sudden the other day it struck me how big Maeli is getting. Not that I think I'm ready to start all over in a few weeks, but she definitely not a baby anymore. She's talking non-stop and really pretty clearly, there are only a few words that you have to see her all the time to understand. She's sleeping in her big girl bed and is getting more and more independent. I guess its a good thing we already have another one ordered or Jeremy would be on the verge of baby fever.

What makes you feel better?

Quality time with your best friend?

Doing something to make yourself feel pretty?

Hiding from the world?

I think I'm a hider.