Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Go Out Walking....

So most days after we drop Maeli off at school, the boys and I try to go on a walk...typically at least 4 miles, although sometimes it depends on the errands we're doing on the way.   For those of you who've never tried to walk a distance with a 2 & 3 year old, it goes something like this.....

Stop everytime you see you big rock and put in the stroller (at least this increases the weight slowly)

Relax a bit while mom does the work.

Beg and plead and whine to get out and walk (I usually make them stay in until the last 1-2 miles)

Potty stop

Followed immediately by sanitizer time

Time to RUN!

Fight about which tray is who's and who gets to keep which rocks.

Get those wiggles out!

Get the biggest rock you can find

Chuck it off the bridge, along with all those other rocks we've collected along the way.

Check out the splash
"Good Adventure Mom!"

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