Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Birthday Dinner-Pizza Bread.  You see, Miss Maeli doesn't like ANYTHING on her pizza.  We got her one of the pizza kits from Papa Murphy's so she could make it just the way she likes it.  The rest of us got to eat "whatever yucky stuff on it" we wanted.  She thought it was super fun to make her own dinner.
She was spoiled by grandmas and grandpas and us.  Her favorite though is the Sleeping Beauty and Phillip Barbies from Grandma Terry.  Of course, first thing she does is have them kiss!
For dessert- "The most chocolatiest cake in the whole world!"  The boys and I spent the morning trying to think of what chocolate things we could add to the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.  They sure had fun making the cake for Maeli.

Miss Maeli is five, I can hardly believe where the time had gone.  She is such a caring girl when she wants to be.  There is a lot of drama and she is still SO NOT A MORNING person.  But sometimes she is so loving a gentle with her brothers.  She responds quickly and calmly whenever someone is truly injured.  She would be a great ER doctor of nurse.  She loves "girl" time with mom, and really loves dates with her Daddy.  A lot of the time she wants to "just get rid of these boys!"  but who can blame her, the boys love Maeli and want to spend every moment with her.  Her and Tucker have a special bond right now as the "big kids" and play very well together as long as they're both fed and have had enough sleep.  You delight Miss Mae!  If it wasn't for you I'd be all alone with these boys and they'd be making me crazy.  You are so funny and so nice to talk to.  Your imagination is so sweet and love telling stories (usually silly ones with crazy happenings).  I love when we get to have our special time together and I hope you love being 5!

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