Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camping at the St. Joe

The Flyfishing club that Jeremy belongs to has a family campout on the St. Joe River every year. We were all pretty excited about it since we had so much fun last year and now I knew exactly what to expect because it was at the same FlyFlats Camp. The boys didn't remember the last time we camped, but Maeli did and her smae buddy Tasha was there this year to play with.

The kids did awesome, they rode bikes all over the loop and had so much fun cooking our foo in the fire and getting nice and dirty.  Everyone slept pretty good too except for one morning when I had to take Riker on a drive at 4am so he wouldn't wake everyone in Idaho up!

Jeremy got to fish (I think a lot, he thinks some).  Last year the river was really high, but this year the water was great!

It was so great that I went out in the pontoon boat for the first time.  So fun!  Next year I'm bringing my water stuff and Jeremy will have to fight me for the time on the River!

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